who sings this?

There is a diet coke commercial with a girl in her underwear dancing around. The song playing in the background is really cool. Sounds kinda like The sundays song "wild Horses" Can anbody tell me who sings this song?
Never noticed the music. Will try to focus and get back.
Don't quote me, as I've only seen this ad once, (and to be honest I was concentrating more on the woman in the underwear), but I believe the song is "Fade Into You" off of Mazzy Star's "So Tonight That I Might See" CD. Check the sample of it on CDNow: http://www.cdnow.com/cgi-bin/mserver/SID=1117731545/pagename=/RP/CDN/FIND/album.html/artistid=MAZZY+STAR/itemid=328686 If you like this song, you should check out their other CDs. Their songs can be "much of a muchness" (as the Brits say), but when they get it right (like on "Fade Into You"), their songs are transcendent (listen to "Halah" on the debut "She Hangs Brightly", or "Disappear" on "Among My Swan". Also check out "Sometimes Always", on the Jesus and Mary Chain's "Stoned and Dethroned" CD. It's a duet between Hope Sandoval (Mazzy's chanteuse) and James Reid of the amazing JAMC.
I have never seen or heard that commercial, but being a huge fan of the Sundays and Mazzy Star, Cardinal seems on the mark as Fade into You has that airy feeling that Wild Horses has.
Just saw it....yes it is Mazzy Star "fade into you" ..
Mazzy Star first album, "she hangs brightly" is by far her
best and most varied, following albums become somewhat bland. This album is the best example of west coast "paisly underground" a neo-psychedelic movement. Sound quality here is excellent.

Critics will tell you 2nd album "so tonight I might see" is best but I say no way, although it has a few good tracks they all begin to sound the same, creative tank is running low. Sandoval does guest vocals with other groups including
Jesus & Mary Chain.
Thanks guys!This site rocks!!! Megasm, I'm going to pick up that cd tonight!
Streetdaddy, please give your impressions after giving a listen. Track #2 "Blue Flower" is Mazzy's finest song ever,
near the conclusion a beautiful guitar solo rises from the
background distortion and soars to the heavens, takes you to the other side man! It's a shame this song ever has to end.
I forgot about this disc. I think I'll go throw it in now. Fade Into You is my favorite.