Review of WaxTime In Color Pressings

I’m looking for someone who has purchased any of the 2018 WaxTime In Color LPs. These are 180gm colored vinyl. Not sure what this means but the claim is: Direct Metal Mastering - Original George Neumann Cutting System.  Any advice?  
I have several WaxTime re-issues, at least one has no color and if I am not mistaken at least one other is light green, but I could be wrong on the color.  Anyway, WaxTime records have been excellent overall, they sound good, they are quiet, and they are flat.  For fun I recently compared Julie London's Lonely Girl on WaxTime vs. an original Liberty in VG+ condition.  The WaxTime is quieter, the original has slightly sweeter breath tones.  Either is very acceptable.  WaxTime is also competitively priced.