File Under Misc. Audio Musings--Do any famous/infamous people qualify as audiophiles?

Just curious. I have moments of obsession with this hobby and I wonder stupid stuff, like "Could I just see more and hear Frank Sintara’s system?" 

I once saw an article somewhere about Henry Rollins and his stereo. It was a commit with the guy--not a gimmick.

Thoughts? Prayers? Jokes?
Off the top of my head: Tori Amos, Fabio, David Duchovny, Tony Rice, Tom Cruise, John Lyndon and Quest Love from the Roots might be I know he has a massive record collection.
Hugh Hefner had some fabulous built-ins.
David Mellor QC - apparently has 35,000 cd's at home. I am betting he must have a decent system. 
I thought to be an audiophile you had to buy at least a pair of speakers every six months?? :D
Anthony Cordesman is a national security type guy; writes for various news outlets and magazines. He's also on the staff of The Absolute Sound mag.
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Bill Gates.
Fabio is genuine audiophile with a cost no object system. But now  reportedly he collects motorcycles.

Seems like most Hollywood stars are more interested in high-end custom built HT.

Jeffrey Dahmer had a killer system. Sorry...couldn’t resist. 
Jeffrey Dahmer’s system ate $200,000 high end systems for breakfast. 😬
Radio Talk Show Host and part-time conductor Dennis Prager, is a long time high end audiophile. He talks about it sometimes on his show. A few years ago at CES in Vegas I heard this distinctive booming voice behind me I swore I knew. Whipped my head around and it was him. Talked about audio for a few minutes and sent him up to the MSB room to hear their 100k DAC.
"I thought to be an audiophile you had to buy at least a pair of speakers every six months?? :D"
That is a funny one.
Another vote for Henry Rollins.Ron Carter
I'm infamous and like to think I am.

Years ago, I helped set up demo equipment (Accuphase electronics) in Dennis Prager's man-cave. He was a super nice guy and a real audio/music enthusiast. He has a real love for classical music, literature, high-end fountain pens, and exquisite tobaccos.  Books were everywhere. Before we left, he gave me three really fine Cuban cigars. I love his take on life and his classical liberal politics as well. 

Clint Eastwood:

Not sure if the Rockport turntable the article says he owns is the same model as the one Stereophile reviewed back in the year 2000, but that model cost $73K at the time.

-- Al 
Henry Rollins bought his VTL/Wilson system from Brian Berdan (Audio Element in Pasadena, formerly at Brooks Berdan, Ltd. in nearby Monrovia). I think his table is an SME, but I may be mistaken.
Lenny Kravitz used the local hi end audio store in New Orleans for his French Quarter home in the early 2000s
I’ve heard Vincent Gallo has some sort of incredible mono system (a true audiophile).
Hannibal Lector
Henry Rollins
John Malkovich