Who sings "carry on" in Sony TV commercial?

This is a female singer singing Crosby, Stills, Nash & Youngs song.
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I was wondering the same thing. I haven't found any information on who that is either. Please let me know if you find out. dwv0830@aol.com
I searched the title at CD Connection and found 150+ matches but no one that sounded right. I thought I had it with Cranberries but it wasn't the right song, darn!
Maybe it was produced specifically for the commercial and is a no-name artist. We probably need to hunt down the approrpriate Sony ad agency.
I think its Melisa Ethridge?
The closest i have gotten is at http://www.songtitle.info
They have every other one imaginable. That must be a really new commercial.
Alana Davis. Two albums.
You can see the clip here.
You can read more about her at allmusic.com.
I found songtitle.info too along with a suprising selection of search engines regarding commercials. No luck yet. I wrote Sony and got no where, I have a couple e-mails into some search engines looking for help. I think the best way may be to find out who handles the Sony advertising account.

This is the first time i have not been able
to find something on the net. Its really gonna
drive me nuts until i do. Usually a few hours
of hackin away will do... This is a tough one.

Jadem6... I did run across a Sony music pulishing
site last night and they had a searchable database
and it didnt come up.

I will post as soon as i find.
Spluta, try putting the following text "carry on" "sony commercial" (must be ["x" "y"] in that format) into www.google.com. The second one will get you your answer. As an aside, I think google is the best search engine out there for finding things which are a bit obscure but using compound phrases as above certainly helps. Since Yahoo! changed their search engine to a google-driven engine, a search on Yahoo! should theoretically yield the same result.
T bone nice work!

I have always used Yahoo.. I Know they recently started
using google. Im pretty sure i tried that I was trying many combo's. I must have overlooked results(thats way to easy).

We must have posted at approx same time.. I checked before
i posted...

I will try again.


T bone, thank-you for solving this one. I'm going out tomorrow to buy Alana Davis's disks. From the discussion found at google it sounds like "carry on" is not released, but was sung for this commercial only. I assume we will hear this cut in the near future on a cd. Thank again for your great detective work.