Abraxas - 180 gram audiophile pressings?

This is still on eof my favourite recordings of all time. I own an original US pressing as well as the 1/2 speed mastered reissue. Recent;y purchase the recent 180 gram reissue from Columbia, and it is total utter crap. Compressed soundstage width/depth, lead guitar and vocals sound like they are coming from the bottom of a well, etc, etc. Wondering if anyone is aware of any other decent audiophile LP pressing other than the CBS 1/2 speed
I have an audiophile pressing 180 gram Santana Abraxas. It sounds great. I can't remember where I got it, mail order from one of the vinyl distributors. I have had it about 4-5 years. It is on a German import label. I hope this phone # and address helps.
Audiophile Record Service
Joerg Kessler
22605 Hamburg-Germany
Tel#49 40.825567
Fax#49 40.825897
the first japanese pressing is also very good. BTW, is the 180 gm. reissue you bought actually done by columbia or is it from simply vinyl? -cfb
I believe that the pressing referred to is one of the recent domestic Columbia 180g pressings, ALL of which are apparently utter crap. Saw another reference to disappointment with Abraxas at AA. I bought the Art Blakey "Drum Suite" with regrets. The SV is reportedly pretty decent, albeit a skosh brighter than the German issue of several years ago.
I have the German Reissue. It is by Audiophile Record Service out of Hamburg, Germany. It sounds great! I have had mine for quite a while, but I think I got it through Music Direct.
It is indeed the recent Columbia 180 gram pressing. Side 2 is not too bad, but side 1 is horrible. Guess I'll have to keep my etes peeled for the German version! Did MoFi ever do this one on vinyl?
Muzikat you are very astute! The ARS version of Abraxas is the best version ever issued. They also did an excellent version of the first Santana album.