Which Sub-platter for my original planar 3

Hello all,
looking for any opinions and/or recommendations on the groovetracer, tangospinner, or deep groove sub platter for my Planar 3
thanks in advance
Never used any of these, never had a Rega, but I have done a bunch of turntable mods from a Basis all the way up to building my own table. http://www.theanalogdept.com/images/spp6_pics/C_miller_web/Miller_carbon_5.jpg 

You might want to do what I just did and search around for reviews and forum posts on these mods. There's also a YouTube comparison video.

What I can tell you, just based on my experience and without saying which is better, I would be shocked if all three of these aren't a really big improvement. That's because, everything I tried on my Basis was a big improvement. And that was a $2500 table. You might think at that price they'd use high quality parts. Guess again. The reality is the total parts cost in most turntables is probably something like 10% of the retail price. If that. So its really easy to upgrade something like a bearing very affordably and have it be a whole lot better than what was in there.

The other thing I can tell you from experience, consider not only the cost on the front end now but on the back end later when you go to sell. The one that might look like the best value now might turn out to be pretty much worthless when you go to sell later. Where the one that costs more now, might be only a little better sounding now, but a whole lot better selling later. Because the guy buying, he's not buying the part, he's buying the table. And he wants the best table. Not the one with the second best upgrade.

Either way though you're upgrading something of value. Not throwing money away into a digital sinkhole. And that's for real.
When I had a P5, I replaced the subplatter with the Groovetracer.
Very noticeable upgrade. IMO, that and a fresh belt, are the only worthwhile upgrades.

Other than that, time to consider investing in a new table.

I doubt there is significant sonic differences in the 3. The fact all 3 three are machined is the major upgrade over the stock plastic subplatter.

You should hear improvement in most areas. I noticed a big difference in bass and the accuracy of sustained piano notes(a real acid test for any table)

vinylengine is the forum for Rega fans. Plenty of upgrade info.

I’m really only looking for a subplatter since I found an original planar 3 in a local shop for $25.00. It has the original glass platter and rb 300 tonearm but somehow the subplatter is damaged.  I would be more than happy with an original sub platter but I can’t seem to find one. If anyone knows where I can find an original, drop me a line.
Nice work, Steve. Turntables really lend themselves to mods and examples like yours show just how far it can go. What's hard to get across though is when you get all these "tweaks" together how transformative it can be. Wouldn't surprise me if there are $10k rigs out there that are just barely at the level of your hot-rodded Rega.

I started out the same way only with a Basis. In my case the first few mods convinced me the thing to do in my case is build one more or less from scratch. Either way, its a lot of work but you end up with something many times what you put into it. And the payoff! Mine's going on 15 years!
"Wouldn’t surprise me if there are $10k rigs out there that are just barely at the level of your hot-rodded Rega."
Keen observation millercarbon! hehe.

Meanwhile, my bin diving has rewarded me a few stamper grades of tired, but classic albums for my collection. I just don’t have that luxury you have to get one of those "white hots"

Apologies for the hijack.

@millercarbon - WOW - that’s a nice lookig TT :-)

Tweaking has undoubtedly taught us both a lot about good TT design.

The problem I have with the whole tweaking process is all those intermediate tweaks that were tried and replaced.
  • The Regar RB250 arm - which didn’t live up to it’s billing or expectations - so I replaced it
  • the Cardas one piece harness - was an improvement over the standard RB250 wiring - but was sold with with the RB250
  • the Michell Techno weight provided great dynamics and bass depth, but it too went with the RB250
Whereas, some of todays budget turntable builders have learned a thing or two from the past and are beating the "old masters" at their own game

e.g. When I look at the U-Turn TT’s it seems they have done a lot of homework and provided some great design features that really improve TT performance
  • low center of gravity on the counterbalance weight for improved bass and dynamic performance
  • drive belt around the platter for improved speed consistency and faster "spin-up"
  • Acrylic platter for better dynamics and clarity
By comparison - Rega still seems to resting their future on a 35+ year old design.
  • Arm design is still basically the same and still has poor wiring compared to other TT’s in that class. BUT credit where it’s due - the arm tube is still a good design
  • Counterweight still the same old design - armtube center of gravity
  • Sub platter belt drive system - still requires the old "Rega Nudge" to get it up to speed quickly
  • the glass platter - it was a good idea back in the day to control wow and flutter, but compared to acrylic, it just sounds awful
  • plastic sub platter/spindle - very budget oriented - it should have been upgraded to metal years ago
I guess past acolades still keep the "old guys" in business and each new generation of vinyl spinners will have to go through the same learning pains we have endured.

Thanks goodness for the WWW - because if you are curious, the knowledge is out there :-)

Regards - Steve