Which receiver for Totem Hawks and rainmaker ?

I am in the process of downsizing my speakers from aerials to totems, I am currently using a parasound a51 and c2 setup, but I am thinking of going with a receiver instead, any comments on what receiver would work well with the totems, budget is up to $3000, thanks
If you can afford it get the Forests because the other two have totally different drives I have had both and they do not have the sound of the forests
Naim Nait 3.
You're thinking of changing from Parasound seperates to a reciever,I don't follow your logic,even if you are downsizing speakers.I'm not in any way criticizing this move,just wondering why.
If your budget is $3000 for a receiver, I would have to suggest Magnum Dynalab MD 208 or Krell KAV 300R.
also, i think you are moving up to the totems not down (unless you have the 9's or 20's), everything else IMO this is a move up. i would keep the separates for the totems. i had a $3000 receiver with 140 watts and trying to drive my totems (model 1's, arros,and mani's) sounded like crap. my mono blocks with the same power was a huge improvement in sound. Receivers don't have the power (i'm not talking watts here) to drive the totems.the forest are easier to drive.