Totem "Hawks" vs. Audio Physic Tempo III

I know that the AP "Tempo" has been discontinued but there are a few used pair on the "Gon" that might be good values. Anyone ever compare them?? Which is the better value in terms of imaging, bass response and overall accuracy??? I have heard the Hawks, but not the Tempo III. Thanks Jim
I can't comment on the Tempo III, but I own the original Audio Physic Tempo's (I'm assuming they're similar), and I'm very familiar with the Totem Hawks. Both are excellent speakers.

The Tempo's have better neutrality and transparency, very good bass extension, and excellent clarity and details in the highs. The Hawks also have decent bass performance for a speaker its size, but not quite the Audio Physic. The Hawks have a more "full" sound, especially in the midrange.

add a-bit more for Forrests and you'll get a speaker of an exceptional value. they would excell APs and certainly Hawks in nearly every aspect of sound performance. a in two words WEIGHT/tone