Plinius 9100 or Simaudio Moon i5 for Totem Hawks?

Has anyone compared the Plinius 9100 and Simaudio Moon i5 when listening to Totem Hawk speakers?

I have Totem Hawk speakers and the Bel Canto DAC 2 as a source, and am looking to upgrade my amplifier.

I've heard the Moon i5 and the Plinius 9100 are a good match for the Hawks. If anyone had a chance to hear them, I'd love to hear your thoughts and how you thought they differed from one another. Thank you very much!
I to had this delima, but with forest speakers. I chose the plinius 9100 and am glad I did. My forest really seem to like the power, or might I say need the power. My source is a sim audio equinox. I will say my system sounds great with everything but hard/heavy fast rock, at medium to high volume. good luck, I hope you make the right choice.
Go with Plinius.
Sim is too agressive for Hawks.
I've owned the Plinus 8200mkII powering a pair of Totem Tabu's. Never really did it for me.

I've owned the i-5 with both Forests and Hawks. I am currently running a Krell 400xi on the Hawks and would highly recommend it! The i-5 ran out of juice on the Forests. The 400xi sounds awesome with either the Hawks/Forest and even has the power to drive the Winds as well - which I am bringing home next week! ;)

Not to add an amp to your decision making, but you may want to give it a listen. I was never a Krell fan (in fact, i kind of steered clear of Krell) until I heard the 400xi!
Thanks, Catahula_bill and Marakanetz, for the quick response.
Thanks, Jh2os. I live in an apartment and cannot crank up the volume, which is why I chose the Hawks over the Forests, but I agree with you that i-5 wouldn't be sufficient with the Forest. Take care.
Imho the plinius is not even close to the sim or to the krell. I have always been mystified about the adoration of the plinius, but I have had very good success with both krell and sim with arro's, mani 2 and staffs.
I have a Plinius 9200 I don't need any more. Email me if you are interested.
Hi Emster. Thanks for your input. What were the Plinius and Simaudio models that you compared, and what differences did you hear that made you prefer the Plinius? Thanks again.
I have not heard both, but have the I-5 with a pair of totem hawks in a NYC apartment, and love what I hear. I use a Sim Nova as a source. I have a large living room, about 300 sq feet, and have no problem driving the hawks with the I-5. I do not necessarily blast my music very loud, but at 80-85db, I'm at like "30" max, on the 0-50 Sim I-5 volume control.

From what I have read, the Sim's and Plinius's are both recommended by Totem. The sim is fast, neutral-ish, and has snappy sound. I have not heard the Plinius, but have read that they are warm-ish, lush, full-bodied. I'm sure that there's a wine-like analogy between the two.

Good luck
FWIW, I just picked up a nice used I-5, and partnered it with my old Totem Sttafs. A very happy union indeed. I would only expect the Hawks to sound that much better.
It wasn't part of your question, but I have used the BV Audio A300 (they now have the A300SE). Despite its lower power rating, it pushed the Forests just fine. Haven't heard the Plin or the Sim. I did, nowever, like the Krell with the Forests as well.
Thanks, everyone. I'll still be monitoring this thread, but I appreciate all your input so far.
Hi Hugo. I also have Hawks. I just replaced my Classe DR6, CA150 combo with the Simaudio I5 to simplify my life. No regrets. I am now satisfied with lower volumes than before (70-75) rather than my usual (80-85). It is more detailed and faster, however bass impace lower as you would expect. I have not heard the Plinius.
I have owned both amplifiers. The Moon I-5 is a good amp, but ultimately not as resolving or refined as the Plinius. In the looks department though, it's pretty good looking. But ultimately not up to par considering the price. The 9200 is all the amp I need.
You've compared the Plinius to the I-5 and prefer the former; that's fair enough. But the I-5 costs considerably less, at least in my neck of the woods, where it enjoys far greater availability for audition. I consider it a solid value, with a well-earned rep as a classic piece.
It has great synergy with Totem too, not suggesting Plinius doesn't. Truth is, I'd love to hear the Plinius, not easily done in Canada.

About time for Audiooracle to toss around one of his sales presentations for Plinius isn't it?
Hey Guys, girls etc., I sold a Plinius to Hugonyc about a month ago, to try other components, and I made a big mistake. I have tried the Krell 400 Int amp, I have owned the sim I-3, but I have not tried the I-5, I have tried the Consonance 150, the 120, The musical fidelity 3.2 etc.. Now I know one can not try everything, it would be a lifetime struggle, but from what I have listened to so far, my favorites have been the plinius 9100, then the Plinius sa100 mk3. I currently have the Odyssey Extreme upgraded mono's, which are very good mono's, but I still Prefer the Plinius. Remember, the beauty of it, is that people have different tastes, so that said, is anybody here not happy with the sound of their Plinius, and want to sell it...I would love the 9200, but I would take the 9100...Thanks guys, and Hugonyc, I miss my Plinius, and I hope you are enjoying it. I really was inpressed with your hawks, as they really do have a big sound for a speaker that size......Hey, are you looking to sell your Plinius...Just kidding, I really hope you are enjoying it.....Thanks, nyrgrs60
Nyrgrs60, which Plinius model did you sell to Hugonyc?

Hugonyc, would love to hear your thoughts on the pairing...