Which cables would work best?

Hello Audiogon! I read the forums and the online magazines and always wonder about the cable reviews. How can I discover what all of the hype is about - It's easy to see it's a controversial topic. I have read promising reviews about cable brands such as Cardas, TARA Labs, and Transparent. I admit I’m leaning towards TARA due to many awards I’ve seen in Absolute Sound magazine. Cardas also seems to be pretty good also. Any advice on which cables would best suit my system. I have a modest system, with the new Sony Digital front end (brilliant), Bryston electronics and B&W loudspeakers. I've also posted this in a handful of other forums just to get general idea. Thank you
Be modest in your first attempts as the costs can and will frustrate. Try getting a high purity, soft annealed silver wire and use an oversized teflon tube so as to minimize contact with the wire and don't use any terminations.

See how that works out for you. You might be pleasantly surprised.

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Nonoise is correct, you can try George Amadi Silver Cables, they fit that criteria perfectly, very reasonable, fabulous sound and great guy. ama7gr@yahoo.com
You can make your own silver speaker cables at a fraction of the cost of name brands -- and with superior SQ.

given your gear, here are some cables/cords that will be sonic matches;

System synergy is the most important factor, choose your cables wisely. Keep me posted & happy listening!
Nling, you do realize that magazines only give out awards to manufacturers who are prepared to play the game by offering reviewers gear for free, or at cost price & paying the Magazine $15k+ for full page spread advertising? And those that don't play the game don't get awards. Yes successful Manufacturers advertise as they must, but those who have integrity don't play the game and go on producing fine audio products without fuss. Take all the marketing b*s* with a grain of salt.
Due to the "compulsive cable swap" disease that exists among certain audio freaks you can score big in the "previously owned" world. Cable synergy (with other cables, your system, your Uncle Fred, yo Mama) is personal taste driven and you have to live with them for a while to cop their buzz, so simply buy what makes sense (sold core in most cases makes sense to me, uranium stranded with led shielding might work for you). Used. Cheaply.
" You talking 'bout me Willis ? "
Silver and ptfe = bad idea due to tribolectric effect of silver with ptfe. I don't know where this recipe has come from as a great idea but it isn't. (This coming from someone who designs them btw and has many years signal processing experience).

Good cables = no nonsense shielded high quality copper coax in something like a foamed polyethylene dielectric.