Where to rack a McIntosh 275 amp

Hi friends,
I'm a first time tube amp owner now and am looking for thoughts and experience re: where to put it. I'd prefer not to put it on the floor. It's 77 lbs. I have a double width finite elemente pagode rack. The top shelf holds 60 kg or 132 lbs. I also have to put a 48 lb. Pro-Ject turntable on the top rack. Does anyone have such a rack and has pushed the upper shelf weight limit to around 115 lbs.
Is it insane to consider putting it on the bottom rack with a shelf 3-4 inches above it?
Please excuse my naivete and much obliged for thoughts.
The bottom is ideal and 3-4 inches is plenty for it to stay cool. No worries.
The bottom. 1) you need space for it to vent the heat, and 2), it is super heavy.
If the top shelf holds 132lbs. , you should be fine. The weight of The 275 is 67lbs. plus 28lbs. for the turntable.
Put it up top , so you can see the tubes glowing in the evening. If you feel uncomfortable about doing so , call the manufacture and ask them what the rack can handle.
IMO, I'd be a little uncomfortable w the rack being so top-heavy. Not in terms of a collapse, but of it being unstable and easily knocked over.
I'd say it needs more than 3-4 inches based on my experience with most tubes, though I admit not having owned a 275┬ůsounds a bit tight for ventilation. Put it on top.
I will never put a power Amp next to my turntable.