Where to buy Mogami 2804 /2803 in the US?

Do anyone know where I can get Mogami 2804 / 2803 cable in the US?
(Or any reliable dealer that can ship to the US)
When I search Amazon, I can only find 3082.

For information, Mogami 2804 is reference level Speaker Cable, 2803 is reference grade RCA IC.
I need spade ends for speaker cables.
I’m trying to compare this to Canare 4S11.

Thank you.
Good luck with this! From the one page that came up via Google search -- an outfit that sells cable assemblies made with 2804 -- it looks nearly impossible to obtain.
I have to say that the description is certainly unusual.  "Low yield" is usually something reserved for semiconductor or chemical processes.  This term refers to a high amount of failures during manufacturing.  I would be extremely curious to know why that is.