Anyone try Mogami Neglex for balanced interconnect

This seems to be a solidly engineered cable at a very reasonable price- 2 m pair under $90. While not one of the usual "audiophile" brands I wonder if anyone's used this and if so, what were your results? Does it stand up to cables costing far more? I've been under the impression for a while that with balanced IC's, as long as the cable is of good quality (always heard Mogami is good quality)and the connectors are good (ie, Neutrik) and the construction is solid, paying more isn't really going to get you anything.
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You are most likely referring to Mogami Gold Studio balanced cables, which are based on their no. 2534 Neglex quad microphone cable. It is very widely used in pro audio and studio applications, and more than a few A'goners have reported using it in their systems.

You are correct that balanced interfaces tend to generally be less sensitive to cable differences than unbalanced interfaces, especially when the cable is driven by a component having low output impedance and good drive capability.

Based on posts I have seen here Mogami 2534 does provide excellent results in many systems. I recall several posts in which people reported comparing it with very expensive audiophile-oriented cables, the results being mixed. Some said it was about as good or perhaps slightly better, while some said they preferred the expensive cables. I can only recall one person who reported very disappointing results with Mogami cabling, in one application in his system, but he was satisfied with its performance in another location in his system.

To the extent that its sonic character may deviate from neutrality, anecdotal indications are that its sound in most applications tends to be SLIGHTLY in the direction of sounding relaxed and laid back.

I use a short length of Mogami Gold Studio for the one balanced connection in my system, between my CDP and preamp. I also use a somewhat longer length of 2534 cable in an unbalanced configuration, with RCA connectors, between my preamp and power amp. I've been pleased with the results, and I have not felt the urge to try anything else.

The capacitance of this cable is in the low to moderate area, rather than being especially low. Therefore it may not be the best choice if you are using it in a particularly long length AND the component driving it has a highish output impedance. That combination of circumstances may result in a slight rolloff of the uppermost octave.

Otherwise I highly recommend giving it a try.

-- Al
Great sounding cable - particularly in balanced configuration. I would think that you would be looking at 10x the amount to get a noticeable improvement. Chances are good that your favorite albums were recorded with these in the signal chain somewhere.
Great solid cable. I use it all the time.
It's fine and good value as a starter cable but in my system, I found it ultimately a bit forward and not as refined or rich as Grover Huffman's cables, nor Audience AU24E.
I tried several Mogami in the beginning of my quest for great interconnects. I think it's a fair brand for the price.
Anyway i never audition a cheap cable doing better than an expensive one. Some high-end cable brands are a joke when some others are unfortunately great and (too?) expensive to reach the absolute...
I use the 2534 in a balanced tonearm cable (Jelco 506). It's an outstanding cable and bettered another balanced tonearm lead made with 24 gauge shielded Cardas wire.

I also use the Mogami 3103 speaker cable, another very high value cable. Under $3 ft. and it bettered and replaced Kimber 8TC which retails around $25 ft. here in Canada.
Well now I am using the Mogami gold between my tuner (md105) and my integrated (Pass Int-150). Solid results, good imaging, dynamics to burn. Do I sell my Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Ovals (2m) which in this crazy hobby isn't considered expensive but to me, it was the single most expensive IC I ever bought.
Ralph Karsten, owner of AtmaSphere, recommended these cables to me, and I used them for a while between Theta DAC Pre andMA-1 power amplifiers. They were very good. This year, I tried a number of different interconnects. Although I didn't compare directly to the Mogami, there were a lot of interconnects that fared worse relative to my refrence (some MIT cables) than the Mogami. I ended up with Kubala Sosna Emotions, which I found noticably better than teh Mogamis, but for a huge difference in price. Mogamis defintiely one fo the best bang-for-the-buck cables out there. Emotions were the best cable I heard, but not on a per-dollar basis.