Mogami 50 ft XLR cable for subwoofer

quick question for the brilliant AG forum members:
Does it matter if I purchase the 50 feet Mogami XLR microphone cable or the AES/EBU cable for my JL Audio f112 subwoofer? What's the difference between the microphone cable vs. the AES cable? Also - is 50 feet a 'safe' length for low octave signal? Thanks
I think you would be better off with a Mogami XLR monitor (speaker) cable. Could be wrong. Best bet for that is probably Sweetwater, Musicians Friend or the like. My band uses them for all of our PA stuff, subs etc. All are powered. So not unlike a sub in a home system, just a lot bigger.
didn't answer my question between the 2 links I sent. The difference and which one? 
Either will work fine for a sub. The AES3 cable has controlled 110-ohm impedance for digital audio. The other is designed for analog audio.

You can have a cable made up to your specs with Mogami W2549 mic cable and gold Neutrik XLRs for about $70 by ProAudioLA (and probably many other pro-audio shops). This is the premier mic cable by a premier cable manufacturer. For a few bucks more, you can have colored rings added to the connectors to identify it to you as the sub cable. It will be just as good as the $170 "Gold" version that is pre-made.