Where can I get my power cables cry'oed?

Anybody have a source and approximate price? Thanks for the interest.
AudioNut offers a cryo-treatment service.
Cryogenics International.
http://www.cryogenicsinternational.com/ These are also the folks who do all the cryo work for Audio Magic.

Pugstub, you may want to find someone who will run it on a cable cooker after you have the cryo treatment done or your burn in time will will take a VERY long time.
I had two of my power cords sent to Jena Labs and they were excellent! Two days plugged to my fridge got them started and ten more days did the trick. I don't think a commercially available cable cooker can match a refrigerator for this particular job.
I know of two places that have great facilities and have done audio related stuff: Purist Audio and Virtual Dynamics. I think Purist does their stuff at NASA? Virtual Dynamics actually has a Cryo Chamber with computer controlled cooling and warming and use LN2. Cryo treatment really works and has brought great improvements to my system. I did a research project on Cryo treatment of metals in University. The whole field of cryo treatment of metals has only recently caught on. Now they're using it for treating engine parts, guns, golf balls, audio cables and pretty much anything that can benefit from the rearrangement of the metal crystal lattice.
Psychicanimal, I assume you made some sort of IEC adaptor for use with the fridge, I can't imagine you have an IEC on the ice box? At any rate cryo seems to take a bit more run in time than a non cryoe'd item and is good to get a bit juice flowing through them before you try to listen through the ups and downs that I have been experiencing burning in my cryo'd outlets.
New Orleans!
Rosstaman, that is "cryo'd" not "creoled" : )

I've got a ton of stuff that i would like to cryo also. There is supposedly a company that cryo's here in Chicago, so i'll have to check into it. Anybody know what company i'm talking about ??? Sean
What is Cryo treatment? Can anybody please explain this?
Thank you very much.
Cryopro in Missouri is not too far...

2201 West Battlefield Suite #5
Springfield, MO 65807
Office (417) 881-8118
Fax (417) 881-2240
Worldcup86, here's a nicely digested summary of the process: Cryogenic Process
Worldcup86,the link that Buckingham provided is has some good info. If I didn't miss something while skimming it, there seems to be no mention of the effect this new crystaline restructuring has on a metals conductivity(my understanding of it's audio benefit anyway). I am in the middle of an experiment with cryo treated Hubbell AC outlets and can assure you even at this point, I can say that it is very well worth your looking into it further!
Sean, the place near Chicago you are likely looking for:

Controlled thermal Processing, Inc.
703 Rogers Street
Downers Grove, IL.

This is the company I was involved with in 1998, doing my (factory sanctioned) cryo experiments with Benz Micro cartridges. Having now done experiments with four different cryo facilities, NASA is absolutely the superior vendor

Their tanks are designed in compartments and computer controlled. The time and temperature of the treatment has evolved from need to treat the tiles on the nose of the shuttle, to door latches and electrical components.

Realize that everything NASA launches faces the extreme cold of outer space. They must pretest and treat all earth bound parts to avoid a catastrophe

The Hubbell outlets I offered were treated there, and as other items I have had done, the more absolute the treatment, the longer it requires before satisfaction with end results. My experience has been that the difference is worth the wait.
Maxgain, I use a PS Audio Juice Bar I'm not using at the moment. I live by myself and have found out that 12 days is perfect. I would assume if one has family opening the fridge several times a day the burn in time could be reduced to six or seven days. I can't see a cable cooker being more effective than a fridge at burning in power cords.

I do plan to make my own box, as I'm ordering some Acme cryoed IEC terminals for my line level components. Just somethig cheap yet electrically safe.
That's the place in Downers Grove I was trying to find out for Sean and Bob Bundus!
Psychicanimal. May I ask how a PS Audio Juice Bar is cooking in cryo'd outlets??? Have you tried a Cable Cooker?? The question is about cryo'd power cords, and as far as cooking them, compared to a refrigerator and the cable cooker all I can say is you should give it a try than say , I can't see a cable cooker being more effective than a fridge at burning in power cords.
Quote: "Psychicanimal. May I ask how a PS Audio Juice Bar is cooking in cryo'd outlets???"

It's not--I use it for burning in power cords--although I ran each of its receptacles through the fridge for four days.

I'll say it again: I just can't see a little cable cooker outperforming a fridge. The motor draws a lot of current, throws some heavy duty spikes when it starts and it's free. I remember that someone posted right here about using a vacuum cleaner for burning in power cords. He had made a jig for fitting the IEC. He reported *outstanding* results with just 1/2 hour...

Why is it that one "has" to "buy" specific products? Me? I side with the DIY brigade.
Albert, I assume that NASA won't take requests from just anyone to have just anything cryoed. Or am I wrong? Where, in your opinion, is the best place to turn failing the ability to use NASA's facilties.

Does anyone have experience with any PC's, IC's, outlets, etc. that sounded WORSE after cryoing?
I do not have access to NASA, they are hundreds of miles South of me, I paid a contractor as a go between.

If that contact did not exist, I would try the place near Chicago. Address posted above here (12-15-02). Results from them was good, just had a bad experience as it was one of the two transformer experiments that took ETERNITY to break in.

Other than that, several people have mentioned Jena Labs, so I assume they are the "buzz" place of the moment. If they are immersion cryo, they are using the correct form of cryo.

As for sound, anything I have ever had cryo treated sounded worse than before, until break in period was complete.