What to do?

So, I purchased a Peachtree Nova 220se 4 or 5 months ago and am really happy with the sound except this is my 4th unit with the same problem.  There is a slight static / distortion coming through the speakers when I use the remote control to adjust the volume up or down.  Similar to old stereo's with dirty pots (?)...

I think Peachtree is sick of sending me new refurbished units because this time, instead of just sending me another (broken) unit, their solution now is to have me send the unit in to them for "extensive testing" or give me a full refund as long as I can find my original invoice from Underwood.

Im not quite sure what to do here.  Maybe get a refund and try the Nuprime IDA8 or...??

Any advice here would be greatly appreciated.  If I get a refund, I'll have $1200.  I'll need a dac, preamp, amp.  Integrated would be nice.

Thanks in advance to anyone who replies!
Take the refund and get something else!
Sounds like junk dump it asap.
I agree with yogiboy, take the refund. Purchase a different integrated and a used external DAC. 
Does it make the same sound when you don't use the remote to change the volume?
yeah, I agree b_limo - you’ve been thru 4 units with exactly the same issue. Time to get the refund & move on.
I recommend the NAD 356 DAC + integrated amp:

or, the Wyred4Sound mINT DAC + integrated amp:

i've heard good things about both. My brother used to own NAD & it always punched well above its weight. FWIW.

Take the refund - the NuPrime stuff is stellar
Onhwy61, thats a great question.  I'll look into that.  Regardless, I use the remote too much for that not to be a deal breaker.

All sound advice.  I guess I just needed to hear it.  I really am emotionally attached to the Nova 220se based on looks and performance and I just wanted to get a unit that worked properly.  

I do want to say, in Peachtrees defense, thier new products are made in Canada and not China anymore.  They have different quality control now too I believe.

It looks like I'm going after a Nuprime, possibly a Nad (?) or maybe a Mint (had considered a mint awhile back, nice looking unit).  I'll look into that Nad (thanks for yhe suggestion, never owned Nad yet but heard good things).  

Any other suggestions on what to replace the Nova 220se with are appreciated (and I will look into all suggestions!)
Still have the Peachtree 220se.  Im sending it back next week. 

Ohnhwy61, to answer your question, the volume control makes the noise when turning it by hand and not using the remote.
I wonder if it's in fact induced in something else.  That is, if the problem is really with noise being picked up by another unit, not the Peachtree itself.  Do you have anything on top of it, or an odd wiring situation?

Are your speakers particularly sensitive? If they are high efficiency, then it only takes a little noise to show up. Still, how much listening do you do while fiddling with the remote? :)

Good luck,

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Beware of gear made in china.
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Its definitely the pre amp section of the Peachtree that is junk.  It happened on my Nova Pre as well.

I only have 2 components hooked up to the Nova 220se.  A playstation via optical, and a wadia 170i via coax.  

Its not my electrical outlet as I've had the same problem prior to my last move.

Im really good at diagnosing problems like this as I've gone through around 25 amps / pre amps over the past 6 years in this hobby.

At my last apartment (where I was still having issues) none of my cables touched the ground or crossed over each other.  I dont have any equipment stacked or nearby the peachtree gear.  

Regardless, I wouldnt keep a piece of gear that was so finicky about placement etc.  if I can hook up a $20 Onkyo stereo that is 30 years old and not have these issues, why would it be acceptable for a brand new $2000 (original msrp) piece to hdve those issues?

peachtree is notorious for poor reliability and has been for awhile.  My local Magnolia dealer can sell it but they dont stock it or sell it because of poor reliability.  

I like the idea of Peachtrees gear, and I like their dacs.  The 2 amps I've tried were also very powerful but to have distortion everytime I adjust the Volume control is unacceptable to me on a new component.

like I mentioned previously, their new stuff (Peachtree gen 2 is how they are referring to it I believe) is made in Canada and they have a new quality control and parts sourcing.  

I can only think they've stayed in business this long because of their steller customer service.

Ps, my speakers are Monitor Audio Gold GX50 (fairly inefficient speakers).
I'd love to hear from anyone buying a refurbed Nova 220se about whether or not they have this issue.  I know that peachtree wasnt sending me back the same unit because I kept it until the replacement arrived.

anyways, Im waiting for Jason to get back from a little time off in order to try to get a refund.  Jason has been great up until this point and I imagine he will continue to be helpful in regards to this.

i'll keep you posted about how the return refund process goes.

I'd like to add that I haven't tried the new Canadian made products but they look great and I imagine they've addressed the issues I've been mentioning and thats why its not made in China any longer.  Im not saying good audio products can't come from China, but I do believe that alot of junk comes out of China.


You should take the refund immediately and try to look for a new one.
I have a Peachtree Nova220se $999 refurb unit that has been nothing but a complete trouble free joy powering a pair of the stellar KEF LS50s. The regular 24 month warranty was included, too. I bought it to simplify my audio life while giving up as little as possible when compared to an expensive rack full of boxes and cables, not to mention big and heavy floorstanding speakers. For $2500 plus a few bucks in cables which we all already have a crap load of anyways, you have a system that gives you 99% of the music. I'd give it an A+. Peachtree is the future of audio- which is why Amazon has included the brand in their new premium audio venture, alongside KEF and a few other hand picked manufacturers.