what the best amps run revel salon2 stronger bass

hi!can some one let me known what the best amps to run for the revel salon2 for stronger and deep bass thanks. im thinking about these amps .mcintosh 501,pass lap ,classe,mark levinson,but i never hear thems can some one plesse.
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I'd look for a Krell or Pass Labs. I had Levinson amps with Revel Salons and was underwelmed with the match up.
If you want bass, then Krell.
A friend uses the 220 wpc hybrid Lamm M2.2 monoblocks to run his Revel Salon 2 speakers, and he says they work great. (I have not gotten a chance to hear them myself yet.) FYI: He did try to use some more powerful, but less refined amps, (the Bryston 28B SST square 1,000 watt monoblocks), but he said that the sonics were not nearly as good as with the Lamm amps.)

Another friend uses these same Lamm M2.2 amps with his Rockport Antares speakers, and he gets great bass response out of them too. And, I use the previous model, the 200 wpc Lamm M2.1 monoblocks with my Andra II speakers, and the bass response is very good as well.

As a previous owner of the Revel Studios, I can tell you that the Revel speakers do like lots of power, so I would not go with anything less than 200 wpc monoblocks, IMHO.

Good Luck with your search!
thanks Kurk!where can i find the amp you said for sell
You can either check for a local dealer, or you can contact Perrotta Consulting, as they advertise here on Audiogon. I believe my friend with the Revel Salon 2 speakers, bought his Lamm M2.2 from them as a demo pair and saved a fair amount of money.

Perrotta Consulting

You might want to see if they have another demo pair. (FYI, Lamm amps are incredibly well made and will last you a lifetime, based on what I have read, heard and seen. I have owned mine for five years, and I am the second owner, and they have given me no trouble. Neither of my friends who own Lamm amps have any had any trouble either, so I would have no qualms about buying a demo pair myself.)

Good Luck!

PS FYI, they use one 6922 tube in each amp. This makes tube rolling both easy and relatively cheap. I recommend swapping out the stock Sovtek and replacing it with some sort of NOS tube. An Amperex Orange Globe 6DJ8, (the same thing as a 6922), is relatively cheap ($80 /pair) and sounds great. (In fact they are very close, sonically speaking, to the Amperex Pinched Waist 6922 tubes that my friend and I both use, and they are much cheaper. If you want the best, you can go for the Pinched Waist versions, but they tend to run several hundred dollars a pair.)
This is one of my friends set up he his very happy heard great comments on his system.

Mark Levinson No. 53, arguably the best match for the Salon 2.
There is more to it than just your amps, what's feeding them up the line along with cables.

Never mind your room and set-up.

There are going to be a allot of different opinions, just read above and mine, some threads making you think that a specific amp outperforms another.

This one had me chuckling;

(the Bryston 28B SST square 1,000 watt monoblocks), but he said that the sonics were not nearly as good as with the Lamm amps.)

In the end it's your set-up and you are going to be the one listening to it, it's not easy you will have to get different amps home to try. The problem with this, is will you be lucky enough to pair it up with the matching components up the line and cables and is everything well broken-in. You might get stronger bass but then lack elswhere.

Good luck to you it's the joys of this ever ending hobby of ours.

F.Y.I. I replaced CAT Sig. JL3 MK2 mono's which list for $40K with Bryston 28 Squared driving my MBL 101e's, also had the MBL 9011 and 9008 mono which are crazy money, Pass X600.5's and prefer the Bryston's. I do like the Bryston's paired up with a tube pre, mine being the VAC Sig. MK2a. About 10 Years ago now I also owned Revel's.

P.S. Lamm product is great also, have fun.
I have tryed the 28bsst2 with my Salon 1's and did not like them at all . It's odd that you feel the bass is lacking , my Salon 1's are slightly to bass'y , I'm looking for an amp that's very neutral . I'm using Levinson's #431 now, they are not known to be overly bass heavy , some say the opposite . #436's are known for big bass power . I have heard the Levinson # 53's to the Salon 2's , you won't find a better match .
Tmsorosk, I agree when you said;

"my Salon 1's are slightly to bass'y"

I owned a pair years ago and also found them to be the same along with not really being able to listen for any period of time, I tried every amp combo I could get my hands on and in the end just moved on.

What settings do you have everything set at? do you have the tweeter firing backwards or off.
I would try a Plinius amplifire, the SA 103 transformed the bass on my friends Revels. It was awesome. Good luck, Chris
I might suggest that before you blame your BASS problems on your amp that you make sure your room supports bass.

If you have not explored your room related bass problems and treating your room for them, NO amp will make any difference at all.
Dev . Don't mean to get off target , Did you mean the Salon's were fatiquing . I have found mine to be quite the opposite , but for interconnects , it was CZ Gel's or ear plugs . Did you have the three basic speaker set up tools ? tape measure , level , and cork screw . How are your VAC's settling in ? . MAX
Another possibility would be the Cary 500 MB's; I use these on my Magnepan 3.6's and they sound very good, solid bass and a very tube-like top end and midrange. 500 watts into 8ohms and 1000 watts into 4ohms; they never seem to strain or run out of power.
The best solid state amps are the Modwright DNA=500 and any of the Clayton class A amps. They are both liquid sounding without any of that typical solid state glare.
Excuse me, I meant the McCormack DNA-500 and the Clayton M200 are both better than any Krell, Levinson, or McIntosh amps.

Have you compared the DNA-500 or Clayton amps to Pass XA.5? This new generation of Pass Class A amps have excellent bass control on the Eggleston and Magico speakers that I have heard them paired with in my system.

I agree with Summitav about checking the room first for bass issues. There may be some issues that are not speaker/amp related. Then again, if the room is fine, speaker/amp matching is very important.
Actually I own a Pass Labs XA 100.5 amp. It is quite good, but I also own a Clayton M200 amp and it is better in just about every category I can think of. The Clayton is the most true to the signal of any solid state amp I have evr heard. And it has 200 watts of glorious Class A goodness. The only other solid state amp I have heard that approaches it are the McCormack DNA-500's. The DNA-500's are a bit more liquid sounding, which isn't a bad thing, but not quite as accurate as the Clayton's. They are both significantly superior to any Krell's or Levinson's.

The above said, I would put the Clayton's and the DNA-500's firmly in Class A, with the Pass XA.5's in the upper Class B, the Levinson's in Class B, and the Krell's in lower Class B.
Hi guys! Long times no see.how are you guy's doing.
4 years from now I been trying to many kind of amps but nothing these maching to my ears .do you guys have something good new .i still keep the revel salon2,esoteric k3 CD player,wadia 861 CD player.
Does someone know about the accustic art amp || or amp |||? And I never try levinson #53 either,thanks
What amps have you tried?

I would recommend you give the Parasound JC1 mono's a try.

Maybe it's just time to try a new speaker??
If you really want more bass, it is probably either a speaker issue or a "desire" issue. The revel's are very very flat speakers. They are only giving you what is in the signal and the amps you have tested are all very good amps that are pretty flat. You may want to get an EQ and boost the low frequencies.

Another option, if you like the sound of the revel upper end is to try a pair of Infinity P363. Those speakers have a pyscho-acoustic boost in the low end that many people prefer, and have a similar sound to the revels above that.

I know it is heresy what I am saying on a high-end forum, but "good" preferred sound doesn't always come expensive to everyone. And it worst it is only a few hundred $'s which is probably less than you've lost on your amps.
With most music I've been very happy with the bass output from both amps I've used with my Salon 2s (first a Plinius SB-301 stereo amp and now Symphonic Line Kraft 250 monos). On those occasions I crave more bass - maybe 5% of the time - I think about adding subs, not changing amps.

But you do need to provide more information for us to help you. What are your room dimensions? Are there a lot of windows? What amps are you using now? What amps did you try and not find to your liking? Are you still looking for stronger bass response or is there something else you are looking for now?

Tranhu hi, looking at this impedance/-phase angle graph, your speaker are not easy but not as hungry as some.

You need and amp that can supply good continuous current from 20hz to 600hz which is all of the low and upper bass.

Big push pull tube (>120watts) will work but need a good output transformer and a 4ohm tap. Stay away from SE amps, OTL amps, and amps that only have 2 x 6550 or similar tubes per channel, you want at least 4 per channel.

Or you can go for a good quality >100w solid state, BJT (Bi-Polar) output or second choice Mosfet output.


Cheers George
You need and amp that can supply good continuous current from 20hz to 600hz which is all of the low and upper bass.

I would the the Classe and ML solid state amps would have no problem with this, and they have been tried.
My problems is not the bass any more,the bass problems before just because the speakers were new ,at this time I looking for lamp amps but not available.
Amps I were tried are.
Pass x350.5 good amp nice sounds
Clayton M200 good amp sweet
Levinson 531h cause they were said maching with revel,but .......
Levinson no.333 ,336,432,436m,
Jeff Rowland 501 good amp quiet
Macintosh 501 and 601 not in my listening
Sim audio ,forgot series good all 3 levels but little cool sounds
Classe omega 300 wpc @8 ohm 2 channels amp.im really miss this one,top on my list,if you know ones for sell please let me know.
Mccmack dna 750m this is a first amps I been tried and I used thems now,just 60h on them in four years,I keep them because they need 300h more to burn In ,smooth up level,cool voice,big bass but not strong,not quietly,I don't know the sound will change later on or not will see.
I don't know why old amps sound better then new amps.
Does anyone have been tryouts the acoustic arts amp 2 or amp 3? There're new listings on audiogon now thanks.
I've never heard of anyone using Accustic Arts amps with Salon 2s.

Your post suggests you find the McCormack amps too polite so far. I found the same thing when I heard the Salon 2s with Mark Levinson amps. If you are looking for punchy, dynamic sound then I'd follow George's advice and look for amps that output high current and have fast rise times.
I'm not sure go with the mccormack I keeping them just because they're still new not broken in yet.