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Wyred DAC 2 volume control
Another thought; if you are using the XLR outs of the DAC, you might try the RCA. 
Anyone heard Nuforce Reference 18's
That has not been released yet. 
Anyone Using Four Subs In A Home Theater?
Hi Mitch,I use 5 subs, but not in a room as large as yours, what was it you wanted to know? 
Looking for way to get good audio from netflix
Why not just use VUDU instead? It does DD+ 7.1Your BR Player or TV may already stream it. 
Anyone heard Nuforce Reference 18's
Yes they have now decided to changed their path on the upgrade. So Ref 18 owners will now have an upgrade path, or they can sell and purchase the new Ref 20. 
I need speakers for low volume listening -
While there are many good suggestions here, for truly good lower level listening, you need either a speaker that will allow you to adjust the tweeter, midrange, and woofer levels, or you need a good quality equalizer.This is due to Fletcher-Munson... 
Anyone heard Nuforce Reference 18's
All Ref 18 owners can also get a FREE upgrade to the 400w boardDisclaimer: I am a NuFORCE dealer but I thought Ref 18 owners might like to know. 
Music server
W4S will be demonstrating this Server at The Home Entertainment Show in Vegas in a couple weeks.I am looking forward to seeing what it can do. 
amp for VMPS - RM/X
100% accurate. Ralph's ATMASPHERE tube monoblocs were exceptionally smooth and dynamic. Quite often VMPS users apply tubes to the Mids and Tweeters, and SS to the woofers to a reported great result.I have heard the ATMASPHERE Monoblocs on the RM30... 
amp for VMPS - RM/X
Aram,That is a rare and wonderful VMPS speaker. I am a VMPS dealer, and we often use the AMPZILLA Monoblocs with the larger Floorstanders.In a couple weeks, we will be exhibiting with the VMPS RM50 and the newer AMPZILLA 2000 Second Edition Monobl... 
taller than average ceilings
Reduced ceiling reflection, and a lower "floor to ceiling" bass node (which should be a good thing)It can however be less than fortuitus if it matches the room length or width. 
Anybody remember G.A.S.
go 2 ampzilla2000.comJames is also quite the pianist and offers hi cd's there. 
SOTA processors also bang for the buck
Hi Kal,If memory serves me correctly and it sometimes "doesn't" I think there are three basic differences:1) As you stated warrantee length2) Equalizer band (Onkyo has fewer bands)3) One of the Stereo/Direct or Pure 2 channel Audio functions is su... 
Anybody remember G.A.S.
Oddly enough GAS (Great American Sound) was basically James Bongiorno. This January in Vegas (at The Home Entertainment Show) James will be displaying and demoing his AMPZILLA 2000 Second Edition and Son of AMPZILLA 2000 Second Edition. Location i... 
SOTA processors also bang for the buck
Hi Marty,You purchased a PR SC5509 in the US?Last time I spoke with the US distributor, they had no idea about the 5509.