What speakers match well with my Plinius 8200mk2?

I need advice on Speakers which can be nicely driven by my Plinius 8200mk2 intergrated, at the moment i'm using Elac CL142(floorstander)+Elac JetPlusII, as with the JetPlus, i get a super clean and extended high, but i'm a bit disappointed with the bass, as I've got Havana DAC in the system, I'm gonna stick with the revealing speakers, but I want something more natural and organic, I wouldn't call myself a bass freak, but I can't stand weak or unclear bass, for me tightness is more important than powerful bass, my budget is around $2300USD, I like both bookshelf and floorstanders.
I'm looking up Spendor and ATC, am I on the right track?
Thanks in advance
I am in the same boat as you. I have a Plinius 8200mk2 and have been using it with Joseph Audio Rm7mkII but have been looking to upgrade the speakers. Have been thinking about Totem Forests or Dynaudio possibly. I know this has not been of much help (if any at all) but I am looking forward to other posts to help with; my own confusions as to upgrades, Richard
When I had a Plinius 8200 MK2 I uesd Totem Model 1 signatures, Dynaudio Focus 140, and Contour 1.4. The Totems were musical and engaging but lacked fulness. I don't consider it a fault of the Plinius, that is simply the Model 1 sound. The Dyn 140s were better than the Totems, the 1.4s better yet.
Considering your price range, if you could find some used, Shahinians...the Plinius guy uses Hawks.
I used the plinius with the spendor 1/2e it it worked well Ive also heard the Magnepan 1.6 is nice with it too

My Vandersteens love the Plinius.
9200 with Tyler D3M's. Excellent.
Natural, organic with full bass... sounds like Dynaudio would be ideal. Dyn's line up top to bottom is quite good. A few years ago, I had the 8200 Mk II with Dyn 1.3SE's and a REL Storm III sub... it was nice & full sounding.

Vandy II sigs, ATC and Shahinian would also meet your criteria.
It presents music very nicely with Tyler Acoustic speakers - using it presently with Ty's Taylo 7Us, but also have used it with his Linbrook System 2s
Thanks very much for the suggestion, Dynaudio is surely on my audition list now. I've been wondering about Dyn before since my friend told me that they're difficult speakers to drive, i know i shouldn't have doubt in Plinius, though Plinius is quite soft sounding for a SS amp, it gives me the impression that it'll have a hard time keeping up with speakers like ATC and Dyn.
I'm in the same boat... I've been thinking about the Von Schweikerts. Feel free to look at my system.
Portugal11 - I tried the Soliloquy 6.2's about 5 years ago and sold them within a few months. Moving to any Dynaudio speaker or Von Schweikert VR4jr's would be a significant upgrade in my experience. Don't hesitate to go in another direction, as things will only get better for you.
Try Harbeths. I regularly use my old Plinius 8150 with the Super HL5s to great satisfaction.
Hey guys,
Thanks very much for your replies, I auditioned the Spendor SP2/3R(rather bulky bookshelf) and compared it to Dynaudio and Elac. Spendor for me provides the more relaxing sound, and it's just right for now that i'm into mostly acoustic recordings, the Spendor is very natural sounding, and so i went ahead with Spendor.
With about 3 days of running in, I've been hearing things i haven't heard before(compared to Elac), tons of details, and life like sound quality, amazing drum sound, bass just gets better everyday, not the kind of fast reponses one would like for heavy rock stuff, though Spendor is very dynamic, not perfect rock speakers but i enjoyed listening to Led Zepplin and Rolling stone on them.
The classical and jazz are Spendor's strong point, Spendor remains neutral throughout, no harshness or dullness, it's just easy on the ears. Violin sounds silky and u get this light sweet after taste, i guess it's to do with the cabinet, it resonates so well that spendor people probably study the structure of a violin for example. So those who are into British sound should really audition Spendor.

What did you think of the dynaudio? Which ones did you audition?
The Dynaudio i was listening to was Contour 1.1 bookshelf. They got very natural sound similiar to Spendor, but fuller and very impactful, considering it's smaller than the Spendor i bought. Contour is an all rounder, i heard music range from classical, jazz to rock, and it excelled in every genre, but I chose Spendor because more it's relaxing, more engaging, i suppose "musical" is the word. I got a pair of German speakers previously called "Elac"+ super tweeter(JET)" those cost more than my spendor, and yet Spendor beats it hands down in musicality, naturalness and it's very netrual like the studio monitor, yet SP2/3R go beyond monitor speakers, they taste like high quality tea, pure and aromatic, the after taste simlpy makes me wanting for more. I guess if you're not into subtle sound, then Dynaudio is one to go for.
good luck