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best rca cable for deep controlled bass
try analysis plus, i'm selling a pair of copper oval in for great price, they have great bass control and fast as well 
hissing noise when turning volume knob?
wow it worked, i did the knob turning repeatedly and the noise went. I guess as long as it doesn't affect sound quality or damage anything, i could live with the turning regularly. cheers!andy 
hissing noise when turning volume knob?
thanks for advice, i'll give that a try. 
Best tracks to "show off" your system
to show off, i tell my friend to bring their own CDs. 
Integrated Recommendation: Balanced at Low Volumes
plinius 9200 
Which cd players have digital INPUT?
esoteric sa-50 
Pat Metheny - One Quiet Night
it's great for a "quiet" session, if you are in the mood to chill, there are some amazing playing in this album, it just flows all the way through, it has the spontaneous sound that's really freeing. 
What makes a Cd player a Great cd player
1. you can try to audition brands that are famous for making turntable, these brands tune their cdp based on vinyl sound, u could look around linn, roksan, rega etc. u could get them used under a grand.2. think about what it is about vinyl sound y... 
Is Esoteric SA-10 sonically as good as DV-50 or 60
sa-50 uses that apodising fitler as well. 
Is Esoteric SA-10 sonically as good as DV-50 or 60
i'm owning sa-50, which has digital input, it just takes really long time to break in, and could sound too lean if matched badly with other amp/speaker. Esoteric has this really intense presentation, it's not harsh or anything, but it does the sou... 
PS Perfect wave power cord
right now i've got lessloss on my intergrated and entry level ps audio on my cdp, which sounds pretty good, and now thinking about upgrading to perfect wave, just which one is good for cdp? my cdp is esoteric, with my cheap xstream punch, it kind ... 
Best Integrated, period.
Full E.A.R. + Spendor SP100R: cabling ?
mine are spendor sp2/3r, I use analysis plus solo crystal oval 8 SC and copper oval in IC, the sound is so /natural realistic, and brings out good bass(not spendor's strength), soundstage is not as wide as other cables called "Supra sword" which g... 
The Harbeth phenomenon
I currently own Spendor, have heard Harbeth and Dynaudio(too expensive for me), i like them all, but then i like the string sound best on Spendor, piano sounds so realistic with Harbeth, Dynaudio has its signature sound that's difficult to describ... 
Time to upgrade my PS Audio Quintet
thanks for sharing, i thought both were great cables, probably more refined with oval 8(from the review i read), hence i ordered oval 8, i've been auditioning this swedish cable called supra sword(their flagship cable)they are really good cables, ...