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Time to upgrade my PS Audio Quintet
I'm thinking about going up to solo crystal oval 8, have you compared the two? Oval 9 and oval 8? 
Time to upgrade my PS Audio Quintet
hi John,I'm also using Spendor speakers and thinking of getting Analysis plus cables, what interconnect and speaker cables do you recommend? 
Cheap Interconnects from Hong Kong
i'm really interested in trying xlo cables, and they seem so cheap in hong kong, after reading in the forum i don't wanna risk buying from hong kong ebay, of course this is not to say that all the cables there are fake. The thing is i don't live i... 
esoteric x05 vs sa50
many thanks for the advice, I'm breaking in my SA-50 using Audience powerchord e-version, plenty of detail and top notch sound quality, at first i worry the sound might get too lean, but it turns out just right.honestly i am not familiar with Spec... 
Wadia 170i linked to Esoteric UX-1
no digital in on esoteric UX-1? if you like to stay with esoteric sound, i suggest selling UX-1 then get esoteric sa-50, which has digital in and it uses the latest fitler with 32bits chip.good luck 
Grover Huffman power cable
has anyone compared grover to lessloss? i'm in a process of auditioning and getting a power cord for my cdp. cheers. 
New DAC recommendation $1K, hopefully tube.
i'd like to sell my Havana DAC, over the period i had invested around 4 tubes, so you will be able to tune the sound a bit with the extra tubes, e-mail me if you are interested, oh and i'm selling because i bought a cdp with digital in which helps... 
your impression on esoteric sa-50
running in my sa-50 at the moment, things are a bit messy around the house as i just moved into a new place, it has around 10 hours on it, and i did some "uncritical listening" to learn about the settings and filters it has in this machine. I know... 
esoteric x05 vs sa50
SA-50 is on its way, what after market powercord are you using for your sa-50? thanks 
esoteric x05 vs sa50
thanks so much for sharing, for me x-05 has better bass, more solid preseantation, but SA-50 has the digital in(and cheaper),tough one! also considering ayre as well, very musical, but cx7e mp is not as detailed as esoteric. 
is ayre qb-9 dac better than cx7e mp?
just read some stuff from audioasylum Charles from Ayre insisted that the dac is on par with cx5e mp, cx7e mp only sounds better cuz the dac is not fully broken in.And also to maximise performance with dac, he said it's better to upgrade up to 8GB... 
is ayre qb-9 dac better than cx7e mp?
cheers for sharing, my friend's gone through the ripping and enjoying his download, and he too is in the process of upgrading his software, last time i was around his place he was using fubar? So I was just calculating if the cost of Cx7e mp could... 
your impression on esoteric sa-50
guys thanks for sharing, i like the versatility of SA-50, but so many suggest x-05 is better sounding cdp despite a newer filter in SA-50.never auditioned oppo, my current cdp is CEC, it does everything well, very musical, but shows shortcomings i... 
affordable DAC for rock/metal
Prior to my music major in university, I have been in a rock band before, don't ask, though i wasn't the only classical trained musician to be involved in rock. This makes it tough to put together a system, I love the natural timbre and soundstage... 
Review: Sony SCD-XA5400ES CD Player
Dave great review,I'm searching for a cdp, and saw this one on yahoo(in Taiwan), as u mentioned that u had krell known for excellent bass performance, how do you rate sony 5400's bass? I have owned two weak bass cdp so far, now i'm looking at Brys...