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Who needs a MM cartridge type when we have MC?
That TNT article is really great. Makes a lot of sense. Thanks for linking to it. I think one of the arguments I could not buy is the universal 100K loading, especially as I've met several MM users (esp. AKG P8ES users) who were using less than 47... 
Who needs a MM cartridge type when we have MC?
Raul and other AKG owners: I've read someone recommend that for AKG P8ES (regular or Supernova, the best result was had when loading at 33K. Any experience loading P8ES at loading at 33K rather than at 100K? Thanks. 
What is the chain of importance in analog system ?
Great discussion. I agree that one cannot really approach this without thinking holistically... the entire analog playback chain should be considered a single, musical biosystem. That said, I do believe that one should start from the foundation of... 
Turntable in 20 K$ price range - Design & Music
I've heard the Spiral Groove SG1 on numerous occasion, mated with EMT 997 and various Tondose carts. Very very nice... 
RS Labs Tonearm & Zu Cartridge Help Please
Karen, try contacting Robyn Wyatt at Robyatt Audio... he used RS-A1 for a while and I'm sure he'll help out. 
Da Vinci AAS Gabriel
I also don't see what Syntax did so wrong? Seems to me like he just voiced his preference, plain & simple, no harm in that. I've no idea what happened in German forums but it seems like Dgad & Syntax have some personal issue that they shou... 
What speakers match well with my Plinius 8200mk2?
Try Harbeths. I regularly use my old Plinius 8150 with the Super HL5s to great satisfaction. 
What amplifier for Harbeth HL-5?
I use Leben CS600 and Plinius 8150. Leben can't quite control the Harbeths' woofers... I've had better results using Leben's 4 ohm tap rather than 8 ohms, although Harbeths' nominal impedance is 8. Better bass control, but you do sacrifice a bit o... 
what is the best sounding turntable for 3k used?
I vote for Nottingham 294. 
The disappearing $500 turntable
I agree w/ you, Johnny. I'd recommend a Technics SL1200 or Denon DP 500M. 
Vinyl is back Sony at Sears
They have that $99 Ion USB turntable at Costco. 
Anyone NOT like the sound of VPI?
Try Nottingham. I think you might find what you're looking for on a similar budget. 
How Many Turntables Have You Owned
Two.When I was a kid, I had this Yamaha TT that came with this all-in-one system. Very poorly made, but surprisingly agile in sound. Served me perfectly. Gave up the ghost and I didn't bother having it fixed. Now: La Platine Verdier with terrazzo ... 
speakers for classical music
I've heard Hansen Audio Prince v2s, and they were tremendous in all respects. I noticed that there was a tangential discussion on the "Rite of Spring" versions, and for my money, Valery Gergiev's live account is hard to beat. It's by far the most ... 
Battery Powered Turntables?
I think some Teres TTs run on a motor which is battery-powered, too.