What's next after Clearaudio Concept ?

I have enjoyed my time with this TT. It was my foray into analog.

I am now ready for an upgrade and wanted your kind opinions on what I should look at next that would be significant upgrade.

I am hoping to get a new combination of transparency and richness of sound.

My budget is $3000 for the whole analog frontend. I would prefer an MC cartridge.

Rest of my system:
EAR 843P
Triode TRX-1 Pre-amp
Coincident Dragon Mk II
Vienna Acoustics Haydn

Thank you.
I would check out the VPI or SOTA line!
VPI classic 2, Well Tempered Labs Amadeus GTA or an upgraded model of Clear Audio like the Champion Series or perfromance series.I think Rega has a few within and around your price range also.
You have a really nice system. I would suggest you look at a used or Demo WTL Amadeus. That should set you back around $2K.
Then with your remaining funds, a cartridge that will mate well w/ your 834P.
I would recommend to try to venture into Garrard 301 Ortofon SPU land.....
Garrard 301 with arm and SPU for $3K ? Sign me up!
try the VPI classic 2 with a dynavector 20X2 L. The combination is around the 3K mark.
I suggest Lyra Delos and Sim Audio lp310, and keep the TT. This should, with suitable discount, come in very close to your budget. Better still the lp 5.3 comes up second hand fairly frequently, and is the "exact" same circuit as the 310. I really think you will get more benefit by directing your funds at the cartridge and phono, and next would be arm, and then finally a new TT.
Since you like the Clearaudio sound, I would look at the Clearaudio Wood or the Innovation Wood that has an upgrade path. Both will accommodate more than one arm too.
prcinka, Speaking of Garrard 301, there is a Lenco L75 I can get my hands on. Any idea if a stock Lenco will beat the Clearaudio Concept (CC)?

Vinylmad, I was thinking maybe Rega RP8, but from the responses, think VPI seems to be recommended brand to go for next. How would you compare Rp8 to a classic 2.

Dinster, you have a good point, will be upgrading from EAR 834P to Coincident Statment Phono stage soon. But do you think the CC is good enough to hold its own with a Lyra Delos ($1650, more expensive than the CC at $1400).
hmm i am not overly familiar with the RP8 other than that it seems to have gotten some favourable reviews. I think it will definately challenge the classic 2 and perhaps surpass ti performance wise. I just read a review from the vinyl engine mentioning a guy who had a Classic 1 (which is almost the same other no VTA on the fly) who sold and purchased a Well tempered lab Amadeaus. He goes on describing it as an organic and rich sounding TT but had a few issues with quirkiness of the unit. If there is critism with the WTL is the unorthidox cueing method and its belt system. He sells it and purchases an RB8 and seems that it compares quite well. Describes it as no worse with the functionality to his liking and comes to a conclusion it is better than the Classic 1.Hmmm might be worth checking out. Love to find out what your thoughts are if you happen to audition 1 because I am also thinking about upgrading my rig.
I heard the RP6 yesterday, and absolutely loved it. So engaging and lively and dynamic.

Enjoyed it better than the Nottingham Interspace Jr. Though it had more details and more open soundstage, and sounded less compressed.

Looking forward to hearing the RP8 next week. Will report back.
The NOTT had more detail, more open SS, and was LESS compressed?
No, the RP6 had those qualities.
Fjn04, yes thats what I thought.

The carts were different in the two TTs so that could be a factor.

RP6 -> Exact MM
NOTT -> Clearaudio Virtuoso MM

NOTT sounded similar to my Clearaudio Concept with Concept MM cart more than the rega.
Wow- If the Nott had those 3 things over the Rega, I would choose the Nott. Not trying to sway you one way or another, just follow your heart.
Hey I just saw an RP8 at a dealer but unfortunately did not have time to stick around and audition it. I will say i was mildly surprised with the construction and materials used for it. The plinth is made of some black foam substance sanwiched between a layer of some sort of composite plastic. I would say engineered for some type of space age vibration dampening.Very lightweight as opposed to the more solid and robust construction of the VPI classic 2. I must say I would favour the VPI for the construction aspect but who knows, its all in what you hear. Love to hear your feedback on the RP8 listening tests.!!!
What do you guys think about a Nottingham Hyperspace.

Can get my hands on a mint condition one for around $2800, but the kicker is that it does not come with a tone arm, which might be a grand more.

That extra grand is giving me a pause. But have heard so many good things about the hyperspace.
Try the Clearaudio Ovation as well.
What's next after Clearaudio Concept ?

Try this:

Take your significant other to a nice dinner with wine.

Then take a drink or two once you return home, you know some nice Mr.Daniels or other likeable juice.

Then put on your favorite record on your Concept.

It should sound as good if not better than your planned upgrade.

Try it ;)
Sonicbeauty, ha ha yes, you are right, it will sound far better.
I will take your suggestion whether I do an upgrade or not :)
I havent heard it but there was a lot of great feedback around the well tempered amadeus in your price range. Good luck.
Amadeus is outside my price range.

There is a well tempered classic available locally. It's old.

Would this TT beat a rega rp6, if so be worth it to try venturing into the WT world.
The regular amadeus with tonearm is $2850 msrp.
Audition the WTL Classic if possible. However, the Classic came out in '79 - Bill F. has made significant improvements on his design since then. Enter with his latest TTs. They might look like science projects but they sound f*in amazing...

The Simplex would be within your price range with a decent cart.

I find it's more economical to save up for that one special TT that you'll have in service for many years to come - then to keep buying mediocre (i.e. rega, pro-ject, music hall et. al) "affordable" ones and maxing out their upgrade paths over and over again only to realize you never arrive at your sweet spot with all them "fad turntables" and ridiculous aftermarket upgrades.

Good luck and happy listening