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Do they make a quiet great sounding phono pre amp??
I think it would be hard to beat the AudiaFlight Phono, can deal with low output MC without transformer, quiet,dynamic...an absolute pleasure. 
Bowers and Wilkerson B&W 802 D3: an impolite Brit?
Mates what are y'all talking about. I can only comment on the 802 D2, as it is the only B&W i have heard correctly setup. (By the way they always sound appalling in the dealer show rooms paired with MacIntosh and Classe.) They are not harsh an... 
Vitus... Thoughts?
Not as great as the hype, and price would suggest. If you want something from Boulder go Ayre:) 
Lyra Delos or Soundsmith Boheme for Space deck/arm
There is no doubt in my mind the Delos is in a different league. 
What is your recommendation on upgrading a Linn LP
You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. If you are into sound, ditch the Linn and spend the money on something better. It really isn't up to current standards. 
Describe ube sound vs solid state
"03-18-15: CsontosWhat I find a little self-aggrandizing is the declaration that "Ive finally arrived at the perfect synergy and all there is to do now is enjoy the music". Hogwash! The objective fact is that no playback system even approaches liv... 
Biggest Baddest Audio Cables
No skinny fly leads on these!http://www.vandenhul.com/products/cables/the-revelation-hybrid-halogen-freeor thesehttp://www.vandenhul.com/products/cables/speaker-cables/single-lead/the-third-r-mk-ii-metal-free-and-halogen-freethree quarters of an i... 
Describe ube sound vs solid state
My take is different, there is good sound and bad sound. 20 to 30 years ago solid state amps were appalling, and the only solution was to go tube, which is what I did. Nowadays solid state amps are "ube" good, and so I have given up the tube thing... 
What's your experience with fine phono preamp s ?
I have found the AudiaFlight Phono to be exceptional. It is quiet, fast, dynamic, and I have yet to hear a better phono stage. I think you would be hard pressed to beat it. 
Most overrated audio manufacturers?
Well I'm in deep trouble here, I think the 802D is the most underrated speaker, and the most undeservedly bagged speaker in the world, and I'm astounded on a daily basis just how good the MXR/KXR combination is. Final comment I found the 2CE to be... 
Lowest I need to spend on a DAC to beat a RP6 ?
Just buy an OPPO 105 and it will beat it, if you like that kind of thing. 
It's a no brainer, get the OPPO 105. Did a back to back last week with the Accuphase, and the OPPO knocked the socks off it. (Magico s5, ASR Emmitter system). It is very hard to beat the OPPO. Plays all sources DVD Audio, Blue ray, SACD, CD. To my... 
Audio Additives vs Acoustic Sounds Digital Scale
It is important to realise that the magnetic attraction is cancelled out when the stylus rests on the weighing platform. Zero before bringing the cartridge near the scale and then ignore the negative deflection as you lower it. I went through a lo... 
Simaudio MOON LP5.3 RS or 300LP?
Thought I'd post a follow up, several months later. After my initial enthusiasm, my position has changed!! Just did an AB of the Flight Phono with the Sim 5.3/PSX, wow it is chalk and cheese! The Flight is just so much better in every respect, mor... 
Simaudio MOON LP5.3 RS or 300LP?
Lewm, those loadings are correct for the MC input, and there is no step up transformer. It is bizarre, and I would like an explanation from Audia why they chose those levels. I emailed them and they have not replied. Having said that it sounds gre...