What room color to complement Champagne speakers?

Someone here has to have an idea.
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I go for that!!!! Some Grey Goose from the freezer would work better for me....you can have my champagne.

this would be a question on a home decor forum as here, people tend to change the speakers faster than the color of the room
Strawberry , of course !
I shoulda known not to ask!
Unless the speakers are manufactured in France it really isn't "Champagne", it's "sparkling wine". :)
Nothing goes better with champagne wishes and caviar dreams like a swath of Robin's egg.
I would say "champagne"! Then, speakers will disappear! That's what you want anyway, right?
I have the Kharma 1.0 speakers in Champagne and didn't want too much contrast so I went with off-white and it works well......... Gorgeous color. Have had many compliments....-
There was once a show called "you asked for it" and with that question you did. Now I would have to say that a great color combo would be Champagne & the color salmon would be a nice combination for a room.
When I first joined the Air Force, I was in a civil engineering job. Our shop had white walls and got dirty all the time. We had to paint and re-paint constantly. One day, we said "Hey, let's paint EVERYTHING BLACK!". The walls never got dirty again, but we were always in a bad mood and we didn't know why. I don't want to be in a foul mood when listening to music.

Grilled or baked?
MMMM either grilled or baked would be fine.
Lemon Juice?