Cabinet Colors

How badly (if at all) would piano white lacquer cabinets limit the marketability of a speaker, over piano black?  8)
In my opinion, substantially, but then again, I would never buy a white car, either.

I agree, substantially, and I drive a white car.

as long as it's done right the color should not limit marketability of speaker.

Totally depends on the market your trying to sell it in - Southern California or Florida White Piano Lacquer would do just fine, as it would in Scandinavia and northern Europe.  The Midwest and pretty much everywhere else, Black Piano is more sought after.  Theres of course expectations to this.

From experience - we sell 5 to 6 times more Black Piano Lacquered speakers than White.

Good Listening


There will be people who prefer black, but plenty who prefer white, including myself.   I don't think I'd be inclined to generalize too much on this question.  I was considering some Dynaudios last year, and was specifically looking for white.  My local Wilson Benesch dealer ran a deep-discount sale on his in-stock items just so he could re-order new stock in white - that's what customers were asking for.   The new B&W D3 line looks gorgeous with the white cabinets and silver trim.  Just as some cars show their lines best in white - remember the Lambo Countach in white - many speakers also look great in white.  If people weren't asking for it, manufacturers wouldn't be offering it.
I have a pair of Revel M106 in the wood  finish and they are beautiful....the white finish is attractive although I think they would be tough to sell, it's almost as if you would need the decor to match the speaker for it to look at home.
I have Hyperion HPS-938 in black finish.  They look very similar to Wilson Puppies and resemble small coffins.  I hated the finish initially, but it kept growing on me.  Additional benefit of piano finish is ability to fix any scratches by piano restoration service.  Would I buy a white one?  Perhaps not (and I have white car), but I would have to see.  I always hated white kitchen cabinets, but recently I visited few new construction houses in Florida and now I prefer white cabinets there. As for marketability, I think that it might sell OK in the southern states only.  I agree that it would be a poor choice for the rest of the country.
Thanks everyone...The responses are in-line with my personal thinking...
ProAc just starting offering their cabinets in white.  I am not a fan of piano black.  Maybe white (not piano white) in the right Scandinavian themed room.  I like my warm woods like cherry, dark cherry and mahogany.  Love my ProAc studio 148s in mahogany as they match well with the rest of my warm woods in my room. 
I've always been more partial to black. But began to realize certain speakers have a very classy beauty about them in white that black just doesn't do them as much justice. Then I can say the same about cars, some look better white while others do black. To me it depends on the car and it depends on the speaker.