B&O wire colors

I've recently unboxed my Beogram RX so that I could listen to my crates full of old vinyl that have been collecting dust over the past years. As I was getting the turntable setup, I found myself puzzled by the output wires. Rather than the red and white color coding I frequently see, these are colored black and gray. Does anyone know which color is the right channel and which is the left?

Bob Chmara
Why does it matter?
you have a 50/50 probability of getting it right. but you only have two
chances before the b&o implodes.
If you love precise sound and image, it matters. Try to listen to any number of recorcings with a drummer, if his drum roll goes from left to right thats a huge problem (unless he is left handed wich few are)
>> If you love precise sound and image, it matters.<<

Get real.
You have no idea if the right and left channels are truly left and right through the entire recording, mixing, and cd/vinyl manufacturing process for every piece of software.

For a minute there I thought you might be serious.