What is your favorite Greg Brown CD?

Looking for CD suggestions on this artist.
Covanent and From The Inside are my 2 favorites but all are worth having.
A couple of his earlier efforts but what turned me on to him a long time ago. Check out "In the dark with you" and "one more good night kiss". He is really a great artist and worth a deep look into his extensive catalouge.
"Slant Mind Six"
Some incredible lines of word pictures.
To bad you don't have a TT, "Poets Game" is a great album that I think is only available on vinyl.
My favorite is a live CD called "In Harmony" that he did to benefit foster children. It has a few songs by Dave Carter/Tracy Grammar and Kate MacKenzie too. It isn't sold in stores, but is available at


FYI, he has a brand new live double CD culled from various performances over the years from the Kate Wolf Festival in Northern California. It's also to benefit children. Looks like it also may not be available at stores.


I haven't heard it, but expect that most of the songs include other artists, as I've been to most of the KW festivals and he generally has some backup performers at that festival. Often the incomparable Nina Gerber.
Hard to say . . . I really like "Dream Cafe," especially the title track, but "The Poet Game" is also a good one, as are most of his. "The Poet Game" on vinyl sounds TERRIFIC!
Pick up "If I Had Known-Essential Recordings,1980 - 1996" You'll get a great overview. Disc 2 is a DVD documentary which gives some insight as to what makes him such a great artist. Eventually get "Milk Of The Moon" but have some of the others mentioned above first.
The Poet Game is available on CD. I have a Red House CD 68 of it. I believe that everyone I know has liked " In the Dark with you". Any of his CDs is worthwhile. Two interesting CDs of covers by him are Greg Brown and Bill Morrissey "Friend of Mine" and "The Songs of Innocence and Experience." The later is Brown doing William Blake. "Further In" is one of my favorites. "Going Driftless" a tribute to Greg Brown by various female singers is also well done, my sister liked it so much I got her a copy.
In case you're counting, my vote is for Slant Six Mind. If you're going by popularity, Tower Records shows One Big Town as the best seller, followed by Slant Six Mind.
A big help we've been! If this thread keeps going, we'll have named all of his records!
Lately I have really enjoyed Brown's "Honey in the Lion's Head. This is a collection of mostly traditional songs like "On top of old smokey", "Railroad Bill", "I will never Marry". As usual, Brown's interpretations and arrangements are great.
I can absolutely never get enough of "Further In". My favorite track of his, though, is "Banjo Moon" from a live CD whose name escapes me.
I like "Poet Game" and "Slant Six Mind" a lot. If you can, obtain and listen to the original release of "Poet Game" on vinyl. It is so much better than the CD release. Unfortunately, it is a pretty hard item to find now.
Further In has some of the most intricate acoustic guitar work on record and represents incredibly lyrical song-writing. Slant 6 and Poet Game are also great works. Brown's whole catalog however, showcases an overwhelmingly consistent artist that always seems in top form. In the folk genre, I'm not sure there's anyone better, and he is certainly underexposed so its nice to see some recognition on the net.
Poet Game is available from Red House Records diredt, on 180 Gm LP, for the great price of $15.00. Just got my copy yesterday, and it;'s a terrific LP!!
Poet Game !!
The Iowa Waltz is my favorite.
The one he hasn't made yet---a duets album with his wife Iris Dement, my favorite singer. It could be like the ones George Jones and Tammy Wynette did, other favorite singers of mine.