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Best Song or AlbumTitles?
" A White Sportscoat and a Pink Crustation " Jimmy Buffet 
Attn Vinyl lovers - what CD Player do you use?
Ack dAck! 1.0. Replaced a $6000 DAC. Smooth, warm and open. As close to vinyl as I've heard digital sound. 
What is your favorite Greg Brown CD?
Covanent and From The Inside are my 2 favorites but all are worth having. 
Benchmark Dac1 vs Ack dAck
I own the aCK! and I can say after owning the Classe DAC-1,Theta GEN Va and the Dodson 217 MKII that it is the best DAC I have owned.It is very open, smooth and has the least glare and fatique of any DAC I have heard.Good luck. Mark 
Where do I go from Eva Cassidy?
For something a little more updated try MIndy Smith. Especially "One Moment More" a song about her mothers passing. 
DAC Help
i JUST REPLACED A $5200 DAC with the ack! dACK! at $525 with a 21 day home trail, it is incredible. Give it a try and I think you'll be very happy. Mark Deal 
Audio nirvana ends with planar/electrostats?
Audio nirvana starts with Lowther/Korneff 45 DH SET this combo left my Maggies in the dust. 
Wanna know how noisy your AC is ?
I am very inrerested. Thanks, Mark 
opinions on modern horn speakers
After many years as a Maggie fan I haveswitched to Lowther Medallions PM2a and a 3.5 watt DH SET amp. I couldn't be happier! 
Mandolin music
Nickle Creek- Chris Thile is a mandolin God.Jimmy Staats- Wires and WoodDavid Grisman- Any Tone Poems CDIf you like mandolin you've got to have these! 
Affordable Transport
Audio Alchemy DDS Pro, Great sound! Can be found every now and then used for $500. 
Best Used DAC for 1000?
Can't be beat for $1000. Killed the Bel Canto and Sony SACD 777es in my system and was a draw with a Theta Gen Va. 
Greatest Songwriter of all time
1. Greg Brown 2.Guy Clark 3.John Prine 
Best Power Cord for Sims amps.
ESP Essence worked great on my W-3 
Help me with a fully balanced DAC
Theta Gen Va, fully balanced should run you around $1400 to $1700 used. Hard to beat for that price.