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Thoughts on Placette Preamps?
I am using a Placette balanced volume control between my Theta Gen Va and my Music Reference RM-200. It blew away my CJ Premier 14 and a Audio Researce LS-15. 
DVD player as a CD transport?
I bought a used Panasonic A-120 for $75, I was going to use it as a DVD player but I decided , just for fun, to hook it up to my Theta Gen Va in place of my Sony 777sacd that I use as a transport. I am shocked at how good the Panasonic is. It is t... 
Theta DS Pro Gen V or newer?
I've never tried an upsampler between my transport and DAC. Thanks for the offer but I think I will hang on to my Theta. It is the one piece of equipment that has stood the test of time. I'll probably get the 24/96 upgrade or just wait for the ful... 
Theta DS Pro Gen V or newer?
I've had my Gen Va for 5 yrs. and decided to try one of the new upsamplers just to see if I was missing anything {It was the Bel Canto 1.1 } While very good for the money the BC just wasn't in the same class as the Theta. 
Good speaker match for Sim Audio W5
Try the Magnaplaner 3.6r, the Sim amps love Maggies. 
What DAC for Theta Carmen
Look for a Theta Gen Va. You can pick one up used for $1500 to $1800. 
Bow ZZ-8/Theta Gen V(a) and Sony SCD-777
I am running a Gen Va with my 777 and find it to be a great combo. It has a huge soundstage, great detail and is also warm and musical. 
Question for SCD-1 and 777es owners.
Pick up a used Theta Gen Va for around $1600 to $1900. I'm using one with my 777 and it is a great combo. 
Maggies and subwoofers
I'm using a REL Strara 2 with my 1.6's. Every now and then I turn it off and I shake my head and wonder how I ever listened to these speakers without it. It was the best addition I have ever made. My system consists of: Sony 777 sacd, Theta Gen Va... 
Placette Audio Volume Control
I'm using the remote volume control between my Theta Gen Va and a Music Reference RM-200. It really doesn't seem to have a sound of it's own I had a CJ Premier 14 for awhile and I liked the sound ( or should I say lack of sound} of the Placette be... 
REL Storm Setting for Maggie 1.6
I use a Strata 2 set at 30hz or 33hz 
Magneplanar 1.6 break in period
my 1.6's took 200hrs to sound good and then evey month for about 6 months they just kept getting better. Be patient and you shall be rewarded. I also added a REL Strata 2 subwoofer , it was the best upgrade I've ever made. With the sub I think the... 
I agree wholeheartedly with 1953 but would maybe substitute a Placette remote volume control for the Ref. Line. 
24/96 Theta Pro Gen Va
I would wait for the Gen 6 mod, probably available this year. 
DAC at us$1000
Ken, I have a Bel Canto Dac-1 that is less than a year old I could sell you for $850. Let me know if you are interested.