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Help me find a smooth solid-state amp?
You should consider a Sim Audio Moon W-3. This is about as smooth as it gets. I also concur on the Bel Canto DAC-1 
Opinions Needed: Active or passive pre
Get a Rel sub, you can run it off the outputs of your amp {it actually sounds better this way} See the Rel web site for more details 
Harm. Tech cables/wires good with Maggie
I'm currently using a Rel Strata with my 1.6 set at 33hz. Great results. 
Opinions Needed: Active or passive pre
joekras, the bel canto seems to be alittle smoother and has less glare in the treble, It also has more "atmosphere" I think the upsampling helps 
Cheap Powercords...worth the effort???
Try the MIT Z cord . A great cord for the money. I have 2 for sale at $50 each. Call me 770-514-4731 days 
Sony SCD-777ES as a transport
RMML, what transport did you replace your sony with? What were the results? 
Sony SCD-777ES as a transport
I'm currently using the sony 777es as a transport with my belcanto dac1. I think it sounds great and I have sacd capability. 
Placette pre amps
mikeg, my e-mail is mdeal@theathletesfoot.com or call me at 770-514-4731. My interconnects are Discovery plus4. I have used the "nude" balanced attenuaters from EVS in the past. I really liiked the sound but I really wanted a remote. 
Siesmic Sink
Phill, Thanks. I called sounds of silence. They distribute Vibraplane. Any other thoughts? 
Placette pre amps
I'm currently using the Placette remote volume control, only one input and no active stages, instead of a preamp. It is the best my system has ever sounded. Sony scd-777,Bel Canto Dac-1,Sim Audio w-3, Magnaplaner 1.6 
How good do SACD players play normal CDS
Try the Bel Canto dac1. I'm currently using it in place of the DAC section of my sacd-777 and it sounds smoother and more musical