What is better than AZ Satori in high freq?

I have had a pair of satori's for six years, and have always been happy with them until now. I bought a pair of Electra 936 speakers and the metallic tweeters in my bright room are too much. Has anyone else come across this, and what is the cable you upgraded to?
I have similar experience with Satori cables.
I don't think there's any cable out there that cures or rids off brightness. Perhaps going back to speakers with silk dome or non-metallic tweeter is your best bet.
i have satori// electra 926
and a pair of cardas hexlink golden 5c
for sale to tame the tweeter
please do research and contact me

If your speakers are new, give them some time to break in - I had some Focal speakers several years ago that were unbearable to start and softened nicely after several weeks.

I also was using Satori.
I use Analysis Plus Oval 9 with my JMLab 1027be speakers. Havent heard the 926 tweeters but I find the Oval 9's are a good match with the berylium (spelling?)tweeters in the 1027's. The Oval 9's add good depth and weight to the sound. Interconnects are AZ Matrix 11 and Silver Ref.
Try purist.