TARA REF. Gen + Speaker Cable vs. A. Zen SATORI?

I am using the TARA Ref. Gen + speaker cables between my VTL 225 triode monoblocks and Dalquist DQ 20's. Have a VTL 5.5 Tube preamp with Tara Master Ref/Gen'l interconnects thru-out. I believe my system could sound less dark, a bit more brighter in the mid & hi's with more dyanamics and presence.
The reviews & press on the A. Zen Satori's are very positve. Does anyone have thoughts on what may do the 'tweak'? Was also considering demo-ing Red Dawn II's. thanks
Satori is very good but not what you are looking for from my experience. They were smooth and full sounding in my system. I recommend Alpha Core MI2 Veracity as a vibrant, open and clean cable.
I have experience of both, I like the Tara Ref than the
Satori.In my system the Satori has no bass and no weight.
well, I'm a TARA Labs Master Gen 2 user. I have their interconnect between CDP & pre + their speaker cables. From whatever I know about the TARA Labs Ref interconnect & speaker cable, it is exactly how you wrote it: polite on the top-end.
From one TARA Labs website I visted sometime back here is what I found for the Reference speaker cables:-

RSC Reference Generation 2
Very revealing yet smooth. Offers overall increased performance over Prime cables. Greater transparency. Slightly forgiving in high frequency response.

the very last comment seems to jive w/ what you are hearing!
upgrading to Master Gen 2 or to the Decade should solve your issue.
I also believe that the newer generation of TARA cables - RSC Air1 - for both interconnect & speaker are better than the prev Decade model.
I personally like TARA Labs so my reco is to stay w/ them. FWIW. IMHO.
Thank you all, for your insights.