Is the Acoustic Zen Satori Shotgun warm??

HI, I have read a few posts here suggesting that the Acoustic Zen Satori's are warm? I really like the AZ products. I have all AZ ic's right now. After recently changing my amps I am not looking for a speaker cable that is dynamic, fast, detailed, neutral. I do not want to add more warmth to my system. I would appreciate people's views on the Satori and your opinion if I should be looking at other products in the AZ lineup.

Thanks in advance.
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have you gotten your Pass amps?
I just sold my AZ Satori Shotgun. Very good cable, especially with the B&Ws. But don't you run Purist Aqueous? You think going from these to Satori is a step up? Satori is warm sounding and doesn't lack dynamics either. Soundstaging is excellent. Not the fastest sounding in the bass, but bass is deep and powerfull. Great cable especially for the money it can be purchased for used. I bought mine new, and sold it for half.

My question still is do you really think that the Shotguns will be an improvement over the Aqueous? Because the PAD Aqueous is actually the next speaker cable I was going to try....
audphile1, no I am still waiting on my pass labs amps. I do have the Purist AA cables. They are very nice though I prefer the Venustas which are more money than I want to spend on cables.

I was hoping that by going with an AZ setup I may realize some synergies because I really do like my silver ref and matrix ref ic's (more than the PAD ics)...
all I can say is try it. But my feeling is that this will be a side step at best. I also run SilverII/MatrixII interconnects and really like them. No plans on changing that.
Tbooe - well - you got me on the first post, BUT the AA speaker cables are still the way to go. Even better/cheaper now because you already OWN them. FAR better than the AZ Satori's with your setup, and I would not be "pining away" for the Venustas cables either, the AA's have the same midrange harmonics as the Venustas, but are far better and more detailed at the frequency extremes. Wait until you get your amps and TRY this combination - you are gonna love it!
I have AZ Satori single-run cable, not shotgun. It's dynamic, neutral and relaxed, has fat bass but not exactly "soft", and places soundstage well behind the speakers. I prefer much more expensive biwire Pure Note Cerulean with Silverline Sonatas, but still prefer the AZ with my other speakers.

Tboooe, by the way, when do the amps arrive?
audphile1....I am hoping the amps arrive next week.

jwpstayman, thanks for the reality check. I will give the AA's a shot in my system.

trans1, thank you for the reply.