Satori Shotgun or Hologram

According to "Stereophile" Satori shotgun is to be used on 3 or 4 way speakers and Hologram for 2 ways.
My B&W CDM7NT's are considered a 2 1/2 way so which cable do I use?
I would use the money on a speaker upgrade before I would sink
that kind of money into such expensive cables. Just my opinion.
If you love your Cdm-7nt's wait for a pair of Bi-wire Satori's to come up on Audiogon. You want to go bi-wire to loose that cheap gold jumper plate B&W uses. Good Luck!
I agree with Rsbeck, On the other hand..If you like the speakers a good sub would add far more bang for buck than the cables will. You could also replace the cheap jumper with a better one for not much money.

Sogood51 and Audiobugged are right on about getting rid of those cheap brass jumper plates. If you're currently using a single run, you may want to try fashioning some jumpers out of some leftover cable just to hear the difference. You will be pleasantly surprised.

For what it's worth I'm using a single run of Satori's with jumpers on my 2 way monitors with excellent results. Much better than biwire to my ears. Good luck!
If you are keeping the speakers, I too would suggest not using the shotguns. Instead of using a jumper of any kind, remove the back plate and directly connect all four leads (2+ and 2-)to the appropriate "bottom" terminals, leaving the top terminals "unconnected". Then use a single run of Satori and be happy.
Everyone seems to favor the "Satori" over the "Hologram" I suppose but since my speakers are bi-wire design shouldn't I use bi-wire cables? I am new at this so a little confused
why some of you are suggesting a single wire with new jumpers or connecting 2+ and 2- wires behind the speaker plates together to a single wire connection. I truly do appreciate your responses.
What do you hope to accomplish with these cables?
I thank you for your response Rsbeck. This is my first system so I am just trying to get the right cable for the best sound and also to know whether I should use a single wire w/jumper or bi-wire.
I have to apologize for my fellow A'goners smacking you around about your speakers. I had a pair of CDM-7NTs and sold them to a friend who wanted an upgrade. They are very competent speakers and really shine with certain types of music and HT too. I enjoyed them thoroughly and their new owner absolutely loves them. The CDMnt series sold/sell like hotcakes both new and used, so apparently someone out there likes them besides you and I.

Anywho, I also feel that biwiring is the way to go. These guys love a bucket-o-watts too, so give them all the power you can.

This may be off topic since you asked about Satoris, but, Transparent wave 100 singles were my first upgraded cables. I liked this pretty well. Smooth top end, OK bass. Then I shotgun biwired with SignalCable. A little more top end and very good bass. Finally I ended up with Analysis plus Oval 9 shotguns and I am very pleased so far.
what is a 2 1/2 way ? how many terminals do you have ?

The brass jumper plates that connect the HF and LF terminals are very poor conductors and degrade sound noticeably. I'm not sure how your speakers are wired internally but just because they are biwireable doesn't mean they necessarily sound better that way. You should try both ways and decide for yourself. If you do decide to go with a single run then you will get further improvement by replacing the brass jumper plates.

By the way, I didn't mean to imply that Satoris were better than Hologram. Hologram are better cables but the Satoris still sound fantastic. Great bang for the buck!

Good luck!
I ain't smacking B & W CDM7 nt's. But, I wouldn't mistake them for N803's. I am just saying, if it were *me* -- I would save the huge
cable money and I would put it into my speakers. I don't care what cables you use, those cables won't make CDM7's sound like N803's. I wouldn't get into top of the line cables at this point because I think that money is better spent somewhere else in the
system -- and without knowing the rest of the system -- if the CDM's are the speakers -- they are fine for a system at a certain price point, but putting top of the line cables on CDM7's -- IMO -- isn't in
line with building a system at that price point. So, the question remains -- what are you trying to accomplish? One sure way to get
better sound and better bang for your buck is to upgrade from those CDM7's. Will take you much further than putting AZ Satori's
on them. Should you bi-wire? Again -- IMO -- this is a relatively moot point. The CDM7's are a limited range speaker. They are not going to produce the lower octaves whether you bi-wire, bi-amp, or turn bi-sexual. So, the question remains -- what are you trying to accomplish with high end cables? I would suggest looking at your goals and then I think others can give better advice.
It would also help if you posted your system and not just your speakers.

First and very small system: Krell 300i int.amp w/Krell 300cd and the 7nt's,also shopping around for a decent sub at this point. I have not heard the N803's but I thought 7nt's sounded very good with a sub. Anyhow I appreciate everyone's advise. I wouldn't have known about those cheap jumper plates or overspending on cables for a little system like mine without your advises.Even yours Rsbeck!
Hope you don't mind me calling on you again for advises!
Rsbeck, I dont think 67chevelle made the assumption that Satori's/Holograms will make CDM-7NTs sound like N803s and neither do I. Dont get me wrong, I agree with you. Those are some pricey cables considering the cost of the CDMs. Maybe 67chevelle really likes the Satori's, or maybe he/she is looking torward the future when top-of-the-line speakers are at the ends of those cables.

Seriously those cables arent all that expensive, I have seen 6 or 8 foot biwire Satori's/Holograms for around/less than $500.00 right here on the 'Gon. Used of course.

The way I look at it, the upgrade bug will eventually bite and he/she will already have some really good speaker cables.
Chevelle -- That's a nice system.

The CDM7's are nice speakers, but you can improve on them
with the money you're planning to spend on cables and a Sub.
Personally, I would much rather have full range speakers than
limited range speakers with a Sub. I mentioned B & W N803's
because they are higher up the line from the CDM7's and if you
like the B & W sound, you might check them out. The advantage
of a speaker like the N803 is that it is full range and coherent
from top to bottom. I would rather have a speaker with crossovers
designed by an expert than to try to match up a Speaker and Sub.
I think you'd be much happier with the sound and you'd see a much bigger upgrade than you would by adding high end cables
and a Sub. Certainly, before you buy a Sub, try to A/B your speakers with a Sub versus the N803's and see if you don't agree.

Another speaker you might want to check out is Sonus Faber Grand Piano Homes.
I finally heard the sound of N803's and they were very nice
but also carried more than twice the price tag of 7nt's. I haven't had the chance to hear the Sonus's yet but they probably got the same price tag so maybe some day I may get to upgrade but for now 7nt's will have to do. Thanks for your advice. I may be calling on you before long for more advice since I'm new at this. happy holidays
The Sonus Fabers are less expensive than B & W N803's. To me, the Sonus Fabers beat any of the B & W's until you get to the N803's and the N803's just barely nip them. But the Sonus Fabers are a big bang for the buck, IMO, and you can usually find them
for around $2,200 used on A'gon. That's far less than a new pair
of N803's. Plus, the Sonus Fabers are a lot more efficient and won't put nearly the strain on your amp as the B & W's. Try to get out and listen to the Sonus Fabers. Happy Holidays to you, too!
This message is for Rsbeck but also anyone else who may know the answer to my question of "Power Filers" or "Line
Conditioners". Do I need this thing even though I have good
A.C. Cables to connect my system with? I am obviously new at this...
I would hold off on an AC Conditioner, but eventually you will want to do something about AC Conditioning if you keep upgrading. For now, a power strip with a surge protector is enough. That's my opinion.
Chevelle -- right now, if I were you, I would put my money into
better speakers, then better CD player, then better Amp. After you've made those upgrades -- on your next round of purchases,
I would look into a nice AC Conditioner. Take all the money you want to spend on Subwoofer, high end cables, AC Conditioner
and put it into your speakers and then CD player and then amp -- you'll get a much bigger improvement in sound than putting all those expensive accessories on your present system.
With what of the B&W speaker do you compare the martin logans ASCENT? I have ascent front,aeon surround and script back surround,of course theater for center?
any input?