Zu Wax and Acoustic Zen satori

Any thoughts if the Acoustic satori will be a significant step up from the Zu wax? I am aware it is a warm sounding cable,how is the bass tautness?
Several years ago I made the switch from Zu Wax bi-wire to AZ Satori Shotgun. One of the most immediate improvements I noticed was an improvement in bass presence and control. Like many cable swaps the changes were subtle. I think over all it was a change for the better. Only you can determine if it will be a significant step up. You will surely notice the change more if your room is accoustically treated. This is a change you may want to concentrate on before a cable swap.

I tried Zu Libtec and then I bought the Satori SHotgun and returned the Libtek back to Zu. Never looked back. No comparison. The Satori just sounds much more involving and is more transparent than Zu Libtec. And Libtek is more expensive than Wax... But if you are talking about a single run and not the bi-wire, the HologramII will even be a step up from Satori.