What Happens When You Die?

As John Garfield's character in "Body And Soul" says -- "Everybody dies." If today were that fateful day, what would happen to your equipment and your music collection? Do your spouses, relatives, friends, etc. have any idea about its value, both financial and emotional? Is there any piece of equipment or music you would want to be buried/cremated with?

Me, they'll lay me out on a Marshall stack and set it afire while showing "What's Opera Doc?" My music collection will be boxed up and sent to a storage facilty with each box being labeled "Rosebud". The equipment will be distributed to my relatives, non of whom will have the slightest appreciation of its value.
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I'm sure I'd appreciate your gear far more than any of your relatives, so just leave it to me. I'll take care of the tunes too. No need to rent a storage shack and burden your relatives with the monthly rental fee. If you insist I'll still store the tunes in the boxes marked "Rosebud", but I may like to listen to them every once in a while.

I have some audiophile friends named in my will who have agreed to sell it on behalf of my estate.
Unfortunately I have two audiophile nephews in their twenties who know very well what all my "toys" are worth--they are encouraging me to take up new hobbies like hang-gliding and extreme scuba diving! I do not let them cook for me. And when I've moved on into that great dedicated listening room in the sky, they will greedily pounce on their Uncle Joe's audio-goodies before rigor mortis has set in. And you know what? I hope they enjoy the music and music-making machines for many years to come--what a great way to continue to keep this crazy passion glowing into the future!
my brother is the only person in my family that would like to have a good stereo,i told him that if i die,ferget about the body,its not going anywhere,Get my stereo first!!
Old audiophools never die - their cantilevers collapse.
I pray everday they have tubes in heaven. I know the bias is too high in hell. curtis.
You meet five people....

Seriously, my wifre would only keep my gear if it was easy to use, so te first time the universal remote failed, she'd have a receiver.
Hell, my sons want my stuff, especially ythe vinyl and front end BEFORE I die! :-)
I have a pair of Mezzo`s now if I could talk my wife into the grand utopia`s I could take one with me as a coffin. David
Hell, they can throw it in the trash for all i care
Aint like im gonna be usin it anymore.
My family will probably not want it all. Fortunately, the local audiophile society helps members' families value and dispose of equipment when someone passes. It pays to have a will that includes specifics too!
Give ALL your gear to me! I`ll keep it!
I`ll keep your wives too!
I want to be cremated. I'd want them to lay my body on my B&W Nautilus 801's and light those puppies up!
Isellstuff, with a name like yours, will you really keep the gear and the wives? From reading some of these other threads, I bet there are some folks who would like to give you their spouses right now. Why wait? ;-)
WhaT happens when you die? I heard the music is heavenly unless you go the other direct then its Bose.
I wanna be the angel on this:

It all goes to my son who is following in my Audiophile footsteps. Yes....................... Makes going to CES a blast.....................
This thread reminds me of an old audiophile buddy who was on his deathbed. He asked that his entire system be carried upstairs into the attic of his house, so that he could easily grab it on his way up to heaven. After he died his grieving widow and I went upstairs and unfortunately all his gear was still sitting there where we had left it. She shook her head and without missing a beat said, "I told the old fool that he'd have a much better chance if we took it all down into the basement!" :)
I'll be burried.
I have instructed my son and daughter, under no circumstances, sell anything (records especially) at a cheap garage sale. Research the value, and sell to a collector.
A friend of mine has me listed in his will to carry out the sale of his gear, if his wife doesn't want it.
Hopefully my spouse will garner a regular second income parcelling out my CD's one at a time on ebay. If she sells one a week, it'll take 17 years to dump them all! BTW, nice joke Jsaah!
For all of you who want to be buried. Make sure your loved ones know to put sand in the sides of the coffin to reduce vibration under ground. For those of you who want to be cremated. Make sure your loved ones play "Fire" by The Crazy World of Arthur Brown during the cremation process. For those of you who want to be frozen (cryogenics,) not only may you return to hear your beloved system, but your body will become one of the components. Now how cool is that!
Being a buddha-fan/member,
I plan on hitting the bardo. Tibet style Buddhi afterdeath Carnival-like maze.
Were I am sure I will be enticed by all sorts of audiophile illusions.
Continuing a thought of Rosstaman I'd add some suspention if buried in seismic zones...
How could I worry about my silly wordly posessions when I'm dead as a doornail? Sorry to be cynical, but I could distill my whole music collection down to "stuff that keeps me busy while I'm not dead".
2 things for sure....

When the tubes fail, the bride will most likely junk it & go to best buy or circuit city for an all-in-one.

Tell the IRS to go ______ themselves, I'm free at last.
I suspect if you are bad you may end up listening to 100,000 tube hours of all the music you have shared with others. Nathalie does Tori sort of thing. My lips are awfully dry...
Mine will probably end up for sale on a shelf at the thrift store. The first person to recognize it will have a very good day!
I think the only people I know that would appreciate my gear are the fellow Audiogoners I've met.

Time for me to start an A'GoN Will.
Good idea Gunbei,maybe a raffle can be held for the equipt. or a contest where the winners get an all expense paid trip to the CES show,,,,,lot of possibilitys,,
This is like the joke about two audiophiles getting together and one says to the other
"hey did you hear that gunbei died."
The second responds
"I didn't even know he was sick, wow what did he have?"
"I'm not sure, I think it was Levinson, CJ and Soundlabs."

This reminds me of a conversation between four year old Wheezer and his eight year old brother Jack as he was preparing to fight a duel.

Jack - "I guess I'm gonna get killed...Wheezer!"

Wheezer - "Yes sir!"

Jack - "If I get killed you can have my pocket knife."

Wheezer - "Really? Boy, I hope you get killed!"

Jack - "Heeyyyy!"

I have a lot of new gear, so you'll have to wait until I update my virtual system before you start placing dibs.
you guys remember to tell your wife to burry a moneter power surge protector with you cuz there a lot of lightning up in heaven,and we all know what it can do to our system..
Ttrhp, I'm not sure, but I don't think that's heaven?!? I think that's farther south.
I'm sure I'll need the asbestos suit.
It is of more importance what happens to your immortal soul. It will be subject to the Judgment. At that point, your audio system will be of absolutely no value to you.
I just saw the title of this thread and thought "You see the Ring." Man, how effective is advertising?

I also spell "relief" "r-o-l-a-i-d-s" for some reason...
After we die, material things won't really matter.
Robm, you can have a large impact after death for good or ill through your will. Besides any material benefit upon those stilll on the planet for whom material things still matter, often you can convey how much you love and support a person or organization by your bequests. If no relatives would appreciate it, how about donating your awesome stereo and collection to a music program, theatre group, orphange, or as a prize the be raffled off for a worthy cause?