Franco Serblin R.I.P. What happens to Ktema?

Again, my heart goes out to his family and his legacy. I have had the opportunity to listen to both the Ktema and Stadivari side by side. I came to listen to the Strads since i was thinking about purchasing them. The owner insisted i listen to the Ktemas, so i said OK. I attached my modest simaudio 600i integrated and played Traci Chapman. Wow, i immediately heard the separation, the dynamic soundstage and even the precise base. Truly, i felt the sound was a bit bright, but i understand these particular speakers have not been broken in yet. My girlfriend which has no audiophile background nor listen to much music said, the sound is no longer muffled in comparison to the Strads. So i turned to the owner and stated, "by you playing the Ktemas, i no longer want the Strads, unfortunately i cannot afford the Ktemas" needless to say i walked away empty handed, but i really are considering the Ktemas.

So i sit wondering, what will happen to company following the passing of FS? Are the Ktemas limited? Should i think about the availability of replacement parts in the future?

Any advice or suggestions would be highly appreciated.
Please forgive the spelling errors. Typed it on my Ipad. I think you get the point.
Yes, this is a great review. I can be witnessed to exactly what the reviewer stated about the Ktema. What is great about this review are the pictures of the Ktema standing next to my current speakers, the SF Cremona Ms. The size is perfect, the sound is great, the price is expensive, LOL. My Simaudio 600I seems to do ok with Ktema, but I can tell these speakers like more power. I have to ramp it to a exponential level to get the bass response that I am looking for. How perfect it would be for my little 600I to run these flawlessly. Truth is I am not content with the Cremona, so might as well eat some Top Ramen for the next year and pay for these.

Just wanted to know more about the warranty, and what the future holds for these speakers.
I was speaking to David Lewis Audio at the NY show this weekend and he was going to be a dealer for Ktema.
He was telling me, now that Franco Serblin has passed, thats pretty much the end of Ktema.
Thats why i wouldn't buy the Ktema speakers now.
Looking at the Ktema speakers, those drivers might have been custom made to Franco Serblin specifications by a driver manufacturer..
So if the drivers break, how do you get a replacement?
Thats why i wouldn't get them.

Great point.....I was looking at David Lewis's website and noticed he was an authorized dealer. It would be great to have a speaker that is limited and perhaps a collectors item in the future, but I do not have the money to just throw away like that.

Good point
Just sent an email to both David Lewis Audio and the authorized dealer here in Italy. I requested a letter from the company stating my warranty will be good and replacement parts will be available in the future. Thank you. This is exactly the response I am looking for prior to purchasing these speakers.
Well, the seller here in Italy stated he knows the the son-in-law personally, which is the production manager for Franco Serblin. The seller claims production will continue. The warranty will be good and honored. Interesting, i cannot find a phone number to ask them personally.
Harris4crna ask him about the drivers in the speakers?
Ask him, If their off the shelf drivers, or drivers made to Franco Serblin's specifications by a driver manufacturer.
Thats the most important thing.
My friend has the Dunlavy 4A speakers and even though Dunlavy no longer exists, the drivers are easy to get cause they were off the shelf Scanspeak and Vifa drivers.
Doug, yes he told me they were Scanspeak drivers.
Harris4crna, he's not giving you correct information.
The drivers were custom made to Franco's specifications.
I'm looking at the drivers and they dont look like Scanspeak drivers.
Now read this.

Franco Serblin ktema speakers 1

Special attention has been paid to not disturb or “soil” the central part of the acoustic spectrum. It’s the part where the harmonic richness highlights the true timbre of the instruments. The speaker cabinet is a triple arch-shaped structure, with the two lateral front cheeks that are concave and a convex woofer compressor. They have used a 28mm soft-dome tweeter created by Ragnar Lian, one of the famous Danish masters of transducer design. The midrange array comprises two custom-made 4in units in a step-compensated baffle for the ultimate music reproduction.

While the woofers are custom 9in metal cone, piston performance-optimized units, the crossover enjoys a coherent spatial radiation design. Other technical specs include an in-room frequency response of 26Hz to 33Khz, nominal impedance of 4 ohm and a sensitivity of 92 dB/W/m.
Harris4crna, do you have the website or email address of the Italian seller of Franco Serblin speakers?

Serblin's newest speaker is a four-way five-drivers design with two 230mm modified Scan-Speak woofers. These hidden drivers fire against the rigid rear baffle and deflect their emissions through vertical slots. The cabinet otherwise is sealed and not ported. There are similar breathing slots close to the sides of the two 100mm coated paper mid/woofers with metal phase plugs which release the internal air pressure. These paralleled mids loaded into a separate chamber are equipped with rigid moulded baskets and large motors. The tweeter is a coated Scan-Speak D2905 silk dome which Serblin views as the best transducer Ragnar Lian has designed who counts as one of the most famous driver designers alive. This tweeter is equipped with a non-resonant rear chamber.

Ktema uses same tweeter as the Armati Futuro and SF GUARNERI EVOLUTION
Harris4crna, What about the 9 inch woofers on the Ktema speakers?
Scanspeak doesn't even make 9 inch woofers.
Here's Scanspeak's site.
Show me the 9 inch woofers they make?
Scanspeak makes 8 inches, 10 inches and a 12 inch woofer, but no 9 inch woofer.
Spoke to the manafacture in Germany today. He stated the production line is stable, warranty will be honored and service granted. Unfortunately, the states will not honor the warranty if bought overseas, which in my eyes is a bunch of bull. Very similar to Sumiko not honoring warranties from overseas. The manafacture stated FS is coming out with a third speaker which lies between the other two in the future.

True, im taking a chance on a specialty item and never know may get burned, but at least i am going in with my eyes open. Been told by three different authorized dealers and the manafacture that i am safe and making a great purchase. I will let you know how it goes.
When you get them, tell me how you like them?
Harris - AFAIK, Franco Serblin setup the company with his son-in-law, who before joining forces with Franco, run the company Yter (cable manufacturer) for many years. The fact is that he was running the company single handedly for almost a year, as Franco was already very ill for quite some time. I see no reason why they should close their doors in the near future.
Will do, im getting the tonight. Delivery at 9pm. Who delivers at 9pm, the italians, haha.

Congrats Harris4crna! They sure look beautiful and sounded great.. Even the smaller ones too are nice. I used to own Strads for couple of years. Make sure to post some pics and impressions.. Enjoy!
I have the Ktema's. Over the past 20 years I have owned a number of his speakers and loved them all. During those years I also had a number of other speakers from different manufacturers and always returned to Franco's designs. For the first time EVER have I found a loudspeaker that I will keep forever. It is unlike anything I've ever heard in my home or a hifi shop. For those of you considering a pair but concerned about driver availability in the future I understand but there is risk in everything. My dealer seems to be fairly confident that replacement drivers will be available for some time and that the company will continue.
Suntrapak, Elberoth, Bvdiman: i am really happy with my purchase. Just was not happy with the Cremona M's. i needed a full dynamic sound and I believe i found it. Unbelievably my Simaudio 600i feeds the Ktemas just fine, but i know the speakers would like more power to run the lower end at low listening levels. Suntrapak, if you don't mind me asking, what are you using to power your Ktemas? Any advice in regards to best sound, placement, packing etc.....
Harris4crna, Congratulations!! I am currently using a Burmester 036. Am happy to share any detailed information.... I will be auditioning an Einstein Audio offering as a matter of interest as I understand that Franco used one with the Ktema's and want to hear what he heard from that amp (recognizing it will not be exactly the same based on room etc) but am curious about synergy. Regarding placement, I think they are far less forgiving of slim clearance to side walls than rear walls in both of my rooms. Additionally, in my rooms they like as much space as I can give them between speakers. They like silver wire or wire that has silver as a component alloy in my system/room. I am currently auditioning pre/power to find the best match and will update you, if you like, on current findings and the auditions completed to date. Happy listening....
I own the Ktema and it is the best speakers I have ever owned.
Purchased them after long search and compared them side by side with Stradivari. For me Ktema is much better speaker and the best speaker ever made by Franco.

Stop popularize unconfirmed and untrue messages that Franco Serblin company will not work after he passed away.

Franco was a designr, but company was managed mostly by Massimiliano and will be working without any problems. AFAIK there is another speaker developed by Franco, which is not released yet, but will be soon.

Mid drivers are not modified for Franco Serblin in peson, but for Franco Serblin company and will be available as long as needed. Each serious company has technical documentation for their products.

If someone considers Ktema should not hesitate to buy this great speaker.
You feel the Burmester 036 is more than enough or do you want an amp with more power? Yes, let me know if you like tubes better. Really not interested from switching to tubes versus steady state, but who knows. Right now i will take your advice and enjoy the listening.
I do feel it's enough power in my setting. The burmester really is a very nice sounding amp and I have preferred it to several others auditioned...far more music is coming out of speakers with the 036 in line. Completely understand about tubes and am somewhat inclined to avoid them myself, even having been a tube junky for decades. I'll keep you posted. Also, I'm interested to hear how things progress with you....stay in touch.
I added the Ktemas to my very temporary system. Will be packing up in a couple weeks for the trip back to the states. Leaving bella Italy, but looking forward to coming home. All new pics when i arrive to the new home.

I must have overlooked your post. Yes, I agree with you. I verified by three different sources FS company is going no where and live and well. I too heard they are coming out with a speaker that will fall between the Ktema and the Accordo. In addition, the Ktema is by far the best speaker i have ever heard and i also did an A/B comparison with the Strads. The seller here in Italy knows Massimiliano personally and stated no worries. FS may have been the designer and the name behind the product, but it was he that managed the business and the production.

Just curious, what are you using to power the Ktemas? Any advice to a new owner how to best utilize these speakers?

Take care

I use Ktema with full Jadis tube system.
Ktema if set up wrong can sound too bright.
This if 4-way design where bass is reproduced by two large drivers per cabinet. Mid bass has much smaller driver so amplifier that support mid bass is higly recommended.
In my system Jadis JA80 amplifiers (or new JA120) supports Ktema extremely well. Tube amplification supports Ktema extremely good sophistication and allow to combine the best musicality known from Sonus Faber with clarity and resolution.
BTW. How large is your room?

My room is 6 meters long and Ktema is about 120 cm apart from front wall measuring from the back of the cabinet.
Try to give your speakers as much space as you can.

Try to toe in your speakers that axes cuts just in front of the listener nose.

Try to use supported pads under the spikes.

I would avoid using Yter speaker cables with Ktema even if you think that Ktema is wired internally with Yter. Belive me Ktema is not wired by monowire palladium wires. You can check it if you unscrew for a moment plate with binding posts... With Yter Ktema sounds not so good...

I found extremely good results using French/Canadian wires made by Ocellia. Quite affordable and can bring to light best Ktema atributes.

Thank you, great advice. My current setup is very temporary. The Ktema will be packed and shipped in the next couple weeks. I am moving back to the US from Italy. I will definitely take your suggestions. I have not spent much time listening to tubes and prior to make my next big upgrade, I surely will. My SimAudio 600I currently is doing fine and will need to until I save my pennies for the next purchase. As far as wiring, I am currently using Transparent and again, it seems to be working just fine. When I get to my new place and get everything set up I will surely update the thread and may have more questions.

Thank you
Harris4crna, just wondering if you had the chance to listen to the Accordos? I was interested in upgrading from my Auditors to either the Sonus Faber Olympica I's or Guarneri Evolution. I am a bit hesitant because it seems lately SF is moving away from its historic warm and romantic sound toward high resolution. I would appreciate any insight you may have on the Accordos.

Safe travels back to the States.
Tboooe, have not listened to the Accordos, sorry. Although found great article reviewing the Accordos.

I feel this may answer all your questions minus taking the plunge to review them yourself. As the article states, right amplifier is key which goes inline with the Ktemas. My simaudio 600i works well, but lacks the punch at low volumes. Other articles have a much favorable outlook, but the polish like there culture tell it like it is.

Hope this helps.
Tbooe, had the opportunity recently to listen to the Accordos in San Diego on my last visit to the states, wow!!!! I happened to be trying out a new VPI Classic TT and requested the Accordos to be used for the trial since i own the Ktemas. Very impressed, loved the decor of the Accordos and highly recommend if willing to pay the 12,000 price.
Harris4crna, awesome. Where in San Diego. I live very close..In fact in am in San Diego right now! :)
Tboooe. I also had the chance to listen to Accordos. If I had the money I would have bought them on the spot. I listened to them in San Diego also. I believe the place that has them is called Stereo Unlimited. The owner's name is Bruce.(619)223-4754. One of the nicest audio salons I've ever been in. Hope this helps.
Happy listening,
Sorry Tboooe, I gave you the fax number. Phone is (619)223-8151.

Just answered your thread on your system, but did not realize we have been conversing here. Agree with Mr_M, stereo unlimited is the place and Bruce is great. Just bought my 3rd TT from him, the VPI Classic. Did you get the chance to listen to the Accordos? Ill have my Ktemas set up hopefully by the end of the month. Still waiting for my household goods to arrive from Italy. I currently live in Hanford California. I cannot wait. Tell me what you think of the Accordos.

I am settled in and still very interested in hearing your system if all possible.
I found the Ktema's to be notoriously bright even they were paired with drier amplifiers, so i passed..
But why would one wants to pair supposedly 'bright' speakers with 'dry' sounding
amps which will most certainly exacerbate the problem?
I have only heard them at shows but certainly did not find them to be bright. Neither the manufacturer nor the distributor (Arturo Manzano, Axiss) would accept that. But yes, I should think that a dry sounding amplifier would magnify any such tendencies. So do tell, what was the associated equipment?

I do not sell this product line but respect it.
When first auditioned in Italy I thought they were bright also, but the soundstage was amazing. I brought my amp to the audition. I took a gamble and figured they needed to be played for a bit to settle in. I was 100% correct. Settled in and amazing. I continue to audition other speakers and still nothing compares. I'm still novice and have no doubt others compare, but for me this speaker will be buried with me. Now, I'm in the market for a new amp. Efficient on mid and hi, but my simaudio integrated wont push the low end how I want.
Bvdiman - obviously the amp was bought first and then the search for speakers went on..if you can read between the lines..Ktemas are just over-rated, for their price TAD Compact Reference packs a stronger punch..and..may be a better buy.
Yeah, I would have never paid the $40,000 price tag for this speaker or any speaker for that matter. Since I paid half that price I see I got a killer deal for the best speaker I have ever heard. Happy listening.
New review of Accordo in Jan TAS. Gader loved it.
Have no doubt, they are awesome. I'll read the review. Thanks.
Just downloaded TAS jan issue. Very nice review and spot on. Living in Italy and meeting those that knew FS personally truly believe the Accordos and the Ktemas are his signature and grand finality of a long life of excellence. Again, RIP FS.
I wonder how the Voxativ Ampeggio I own would compare with the Serblin Ktêma.
Voxativ are quite natural but maybe lacking of soundstage with large orchestras.