Every so often it happens ...

I rarely start a thread, but I am feeling a bit self-indulgent today.

So, maybe Hurricane Irene has cleaned out the air sufficiently that my secondary system sounds magical. The system is nothing special by Audiogon standards ... a Prima Luna Prologue Two tube integrated, Rega Apollo CD player, and Ascend Acoustics Sierras speakers. No idea what the cables are ... I think Audioquest ICs and QED speaker wires. Tubes are definitely EH 6CA7.

Just played the Band's 'Stage Fright' and am now listening to Stills & Young 'Long May You Run.' Sounds like Levon Helms and Stephen Stills dropped by to stay awhile and play.


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Self-indulgent? Probably not. System actually sounding better than usual? Unlikely. Feeling fortunate, in the face of what Irene did in places like upstate NY? Maybe. Both our sub-conscious and music are powerful forces.
Self-indulgent? No....

I find being alone in my house with a decent bottle of Scotch always makes my system sound better. Why can't Irene?
as it was said in Little Big Man, "sometimes the magic works sometimes it doesn't" be grateful and enjoy whenever it does. It is always the music not the gear.

"system is nothing special "?
Audio has been "my thing" since the late 60's.
I had the Rega for a while and can gauran-damn-tee you it is a special MUSIC maker!
"Nothing special?" Shut up! That looks like an awesome and well balanced system to me. From your comments I would assume you are experiencing the elusive synergy.
C'mon, isn't anyone going to attribute this to the fact that half the east coast is off the grid because of downed power lines? Of course this makes your power source cleaner.
My neighborhood (Forest Hills, Queens) made out relatively ok with Irene, but only because the tornado that went through here last September brought down 2500 trees. There weren't that many trees left quite frankly.

Then again maybe things sounded better because I had finished working for the day and my wife had gone shopping, so it was just me and the cats.

If Timrhu is correct my loss was your gain. My system would not turn on for two days. My only source was a small "economy" hand crank radio a friend gave me a while back. I had to crank it up EVERY TWO MINUTES! Otherwise I had actually enjoyed the peace and quiet:)
I don't post much these days but your music is great! Can't sound bad on anything!
My comment was a poor attempt at sarcasm. I apologize.
No apologies necessary Tim. Last thing I want is a PC thread. All in good fun.

Don't know about self indulgent but you sure have good taste in music. Enjoy maybe throw on The Eagles debut,it is a great record and if you hven't heard it in a while you will be grinning from ear to ear.