Watkins Audio Generation Four Bookshelf Speakers ?

Has anyone heard these speakers? I was wondering because I found out that Bill Watkins made these Generation Four speakers. Bill Watkins use to help design speakers for Infinity many years ago and has been making his own speakers since 1980 with his model WE-1’s.

Looking at the frequency response chart on their web site and it looks very impressive indeed. This means these speakers should be very accurate and should also sound great with any type of music and should sound more life-like too.



reference999, I have heard these new Watkins speakers and they are incredible. The factory currently has a two week home trial and if you decide they're not for you, you can ship them back at your expense. I have been using these speakers exclusively for about 18 months; they replaced a previous Watkins model that I had had for over 30 years.
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reference999, these are without doubt the best sounding bookshelf 
speakers I've ever heard. I have had Watkins speakers for over 30 years and was involved in the manufacture of the WE-1 back in the early 80's. The new Generation 4 I have compared with Harbeth P3ESR and there is just no comparison; the Watkins is better by far. And those little Harbeths cost a couple hundred more!
bsmg....because my last name is Watkins and because I'm on the brink of buying the Harbeth P3's...I'm wondering if you can elaborate
on your comparison. I am not familiar w/ the Watkins line except
by name. The two week trial adds to my interest.I have auditioned
the P3 and liked them very much. I play B&W dm303's w/ B&W
asw 300 sub in 12x20 living room....McCormack DNA1 amp.
Hope you see this and thanks for any info