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A song murdered by someone.
Si Tu Vois Ma Sidney Bechet..........strangely mangled to death by none other than Woody Allen. I became obsessed with this song after seeing  Midnight In Paris and listened to many versionson youtube . Came across Woody's live version a... 
Your last concert was to see who and when?
Johnnyswim in Westhampton...... 
Contemplating DEVORE SPEAKERS (and others)....LONG audition report of many speakers
what a great review,with just enough personal to further my interest.I played Talk Talk over and over,years ago on Quad 57s, and stillcouldn't get enough.....  Good luck with your speaker quest. 
Thoughts on the most difficult instruments for speakers to reproduce?
Fidelity Research FR-64x
poor man is ok with me ......with my FR 64 fx  I used a Grado cartridge that the guy I bought the arm from had mounted and what did I know.....not sure what body with the JR logo. Thinking I paid $100 for it and new it would have bee... 
Which do you prefer parasound Halo a21 or McCormack dna1
sorry,but a 2nd footnote. After looking more closely at the amp on ebay,it looks like the same one that was being sold here on Agonby TMR ,The Music Room,within the last month. I'm pretty sure because I was consideringit myself. Anyway,if you look... 
Which do you prefer parasound Halo a21 or McCormack dna1
a footnote......prices can vary on the McCormacks...I paid about $700 a couple years ago from TMR here on Agon. I'd say 7-8 hundred is a good ballpark price. If you can get a deluxe for that price,even better. 
Which do you prefer parasound Halo a21 or McCormack dna1
I am very happy with my stock McCormack DNA 1. I saw the one for$1,749 on ebay. If you're intersted,call Steve McCormack and run itby him. I've spoken with him a couple times and he is friendly and enormously helpful.  No input on Parasound ,sorry. 
Whats playing on your system today?
What's Playing On Your Turntable Tonight?      3,566 postsWhat's Playing On Your System Today ?          3,543 posts 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
by the numbers   .What's On Your Turntable Tonight ?   3,566 posts                            .What's Playing On Your System ?      3,543 posts 
Trouble in Fleetwood Mac.......
Hey....check this out. Google "summuvagun"  ASAP now that's cool..........and a bonus picture in" images "                    of jmcgrogan2and a parting shot to defiantboomerang.......right back at ya 
Have you ever hated the sound of your system one day, and loved it the next?
cheers to the scotch drinkers.....sounds yummy. I haven't strayed far from Jack Daniels and then only on occasion, and if I had to choose would go with the smokiness of smoke itself when listening to musicor the birds in the yard......can't afford... 
Cable Snake Oil Antidote
Heimdalls changed my life. Interconnects that is. 
New Speakers ... Can't Stop "Listening"
firstly,those Pulsars sure get lots of praise. I emailed with Jeff Josephabout auditioning a pair at his headquarters on Long Island,as I live here as well,but had to let the idea go because I just couldn't afford them. I subsequently home auditio... 
What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report
Nick Drake,Van Morrison..........Way to Blue and Tupelo Honey