Walker Talisman for cd's

Anyone use the Walker Talisman for cd's?
Yup, I have been using the walker Talisman for CDs and cables for around seven years. Prior to that I used the ubiquitous Radio Shellac Bulk Tape a Eraser.

an excellent device and it really works, lowers noise floor, make the midrange fatter and opens up the sound stage.

I used to use it a lot but now use a Lumin Music server and it sounds even better than the CD playback
I'm not convinced I hear anything different using it howev er. The bigger difference was using the walker polishing fluid for cds (forget the name of that walker product).
I bought the Talisman primarly for use on LP's.. can't say definitely that I hear any difference.

are you still using the Walker cd polisher?
If so, how long have you used the product?
Anything better at cleaning/polishing CDs ?
I have used the Walker polisher/treatment fluid on all my cd's, it did in fact make an audible improvement on every disk so far. What I remember hearing was a little more transparency and focus of imaging.. a little more dynamic oomph perhaps also. I have not tried any of the other treatments. I have been using the product about 2 years.
Thank You! Xiekitchen.

I will look into getting this product. I buy many used CD(s) weekly and some can use a little cleaning / polishing. All The Best! JA