Sumiko Talisman S and B&O MMC 2 Cartridge question

Hey folks,

Sorry to make my first post here a new thread... I usually just lurk on these forums, but I have a question that I can't seem to find a simple answer to.

I have a new, sealed, Sumiko Talisman S phono cartridge and I'm wondering what it's worth (resale value, that is). I tried to look it up in the bluebook, but it's not listed there.

Too, I have an MMC2 B&O cartridge (excellent shape, w/ stylus) that I'm trying to value.

Any input is appreciated. Thanks for your time.
I have owned several B&O MMC1 and 2 cartridges. An MMC2 in good condition with low hours is worth around $400. An MMC1 is worth double that...

@RW, thanks for the input. I think I'll throw it up on here and/or eBay.

I listed the Talisman S Sapphire here:

I suppose we'll see what it's worth at the moment!
Scratch that. It actually appears to be a NEW MMC 2, not used as I previously thought. It's still got the tape seal from B&O. I'll be listing that one soon.
New MMC2: