Aurios Isolation & Talisman Magnetic Optimizer?

Has anyone had any experience with "Aurios Isolation Bearings" (to replace the feet of a turntable) or the "Talisman Magnetic Optimizer" (to somehow improve the sound quality of vinyl), both marketed by "Better Records"?
The Talisman is made by Walker Audio. For comments by other Audiogoners about the Talisman, you can look at the following threads:
Thanks very much for the information. Greatly appreciated.
As far at the Aurios go I have an LP12 (very sensative) and that definitely contributes to the solution. It doesn't solve it by themselves but I would not be able to walk by the playing tt witout them.
Mikey has a segment on his new DVD about magnetic treatment of vinyl. Seems the theory is that the carbon black that is added to vinyl to give a black appearance creates some condition that doing a magnetic treatment removes. Material science people I have talked to dispute the theory. So, who to believe?