WAF Help Please

I have spekaer cables that have a silver/white jacket. This looked great in a room where the main floor treatment was a white colored rug. I have now relocated my system to a room with dark brown hardwood foors. The white/silver speaker cable jacket stands out. I really like the cable (Crystal Cable reference), and do not want to switch.

Does anyone have any suggestions on something I can (e.g.) buy at a hardware store that I can surround the speaker cable with that will make it stand out less and yet won't harm the sound?

Thanks in advance.

what about some acrylic spray paint?
Colored vinyl tape comes in many colors, widths and is very inexpensive. Easy to wrap around the existing cable.
Go to Martha Stewart's website and ask!! :)
i've never messed with d.i.y. stuff myself, but i would imagine that slipping some matching techflex (or whatever brand you can find) sleeving would be pretty simple and cheap. and just leave the ends raw, rather than heat-shrinking them down so you can just slip the techflex off if you ever do want to sell the cables.

they probably wouldn't have it at any hardware store, but online parts stores are chocca with it...
Split braid comes in a range of sizes and would be easy to put on. If you want to go to the trouble of taking off the connectors and sliding on Techflex it would probably look neater.
Paint the floors to match the cables of course, or change the wife.
wrap plastic ivy around them. just kidding as i am single and don,t have these problems.
i.ve reconsidered. if someone was to insist i spraypaint my audio jewlery i would string some prison wall concertina wire across the room. what is wrong with white and silver? i guess you become a oakland raiders fan??
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Hardware stores should have insulation for outdoor pipes on house trailers. It is black, is slit open along the length to put around the pipe, about 4 feet long, and made out of foam. I thought I would continue the hardware theme.
better to change the wife
All --

These are great. I'll look into the tech flex and the braided stuff.


Expandable Braided Wire Sleeving will flex over the end connectors then get skinny again.
office supply stores sell cable covers ... they come in a couple colors ... you would be able to walk on your cables then as they are designed to cover cables that could be walked on or rolled on by office chairs ... whether they would pass the WAF is a question only YOUR wife can answer
Go to parts express and buy sone expandable sleeve for wire, they come in different colors and sizes. Get the right color that matches you floor. Problem solved.
Found some great expandable braided sleeve stuff on ebay. Thanks for the excellent suggestions.
I buy what sounds best STEALTH V10 speaker cable its silver my wife loves it.