VPI prime scout vs VPI scoutmaster?

I’ve been looking for a good table and was wondering if I could get some opinions on a new VPI prime Scout vs a second hand VPI scout master. There’s about a 700 difference in price and I was wondering if anyone has heard both tables and what kind of difference there is between them? Thanks in advance for any suggestions or opinions.
Doesn't the Prime Scout come with 3D arm?
That's supposed to be a huge upgrade over the standard arm.
I've seen great deals on used Primes, might be another to consider.
I believe the prime scout only comes with the jmw9, Tonearm but the 3D printed tone arm is an optional upgrade as well as quite a few others like plater, etc.. The prime does come with the 3D printed arm but is out of my budget. Just wondering if the scout master with with the double thick plinth and extra weight is competive? I’ve read so many positive reviews on the the prime scout and many VPI tables for that matter. I'm not in a huge rush but the used Scout master could be gone quickly?
The Scoutmaster is one hell of a good turntable especially for what they are going for used. Sold my Scoutmaster 2 years ago to purchase the prime, cheapest way I could get into the 10 inch 3D arm which I just had to try, the Scoutmasters double plinth added to the Sonics of the table plus the platter is 12 inch which will support the outer rim clamp which is a must on any VPI table and well worth the money. Bottom line is if you purchase a used Scoutmaster it could be your last turntable purchase and as far as the 3D arms go, they are nice but so are the metal arms.
I just wanted to say that I ended up going with the scoutmaster and can't wait till it arrives! I recently had the pleasure of listening to a friends super hi end equipment (Lamb, Focal Utopias, etc..). Long story short I asked if he'd do a comparison between vinyl and digital and was surprised that I actually preferred the vinyl on a more modest table mmf5.1 vs a really nice dac and transport that I can't remember the name of. I'm sure the Lamb phono amp helped but the dac/transport was something like 20k. So I hooked up my 30 year old Mitsubishi Lt22 w/Stanton 681eee and played a few second hand records and loved it! Not that it sounded a lot better than my ps audio dac/transport but it had a different more fluid/organic sound? Any ways just excited to get back into vinyl after a 20+ year break.
Yes the printed arm is a huge upgrade to the metal one....and the 2nd pivot is even a bigger upgrade.
after what I heard fro a scout with an aluminum platter I would be all over a scoutmaster.  Everyones tastes are different but the scoutmaster has to be incredible for the money.
One of the really cool things I'm learning  about the Scoutmaster and most Vpi tables is the amount of upgrades which are reported to make improvements in the already good performance. I'm not ready to invest in the 3d tone arm but the dual pivot assembly definitely looks interesting and possibly a second hand ring clamp and 300rpm "quieter" motor would make good affordable upgrades?