VPI Scout II vs.Scoutmaster

I need help deciding on either table.The price difference is $600.Is the Scout II a fine TT or Scoutmaster worth the additional cost?

I don't like the way the Classic looks
it's a better turntable than the Scoutmaster, at least it was in my system, and it didn't need all of the upgrades to make it sound good.

I would suggest that you also look at the Clearaudio's in the same range. I would suggest a Sota as well, but if you don't like the aesthetics of the Classic, I'm sure you hate the Sota.
I am selling the Sota Comet on gon
Years ago I started with the Scout and found that it took lots of tweeks and upgrades before it really sounded good but after $$ it truely was a great TT. Do not expect it to be great out of the box.
I listened to all 3..I disagree w/Macdadtexas..IMO the Scoutmaster is the winner of the 3 tables..I dont like the looks of the classic as well..
Master is the way to go. In my opinion it does sound better then the II. Also, the urge to upgrade and tweak the II will put you in the poor house, and in the end not give you the performance of the Master.
I haven't owned the Scout II, but I have owned the ScoutMaster Sig, and even with the upgrades, it did not perform anywhere near as well as the Clearaudio Performance, same cartridege, and was not in the same league with the Classic.

So, I suggest before you buy a new Scout II or a used Scoutmaster, find a used Clearaudio Performace that you can always sell, prob with no loss of $, before buying a new table that you would take a loss on if you don't like.
"find a used Clearaudio "..Now that I agree with but Clearaudio wasnt on the original posters short list..