Do you Anti-Skate your Super Scoutmaster?

Vpi suggests not to install the device, do you install it and why? Do you hear the difference?
Interested as well in this question.Going top get out of my Aries (and unipivots like Graham) and it's lack of integral antiskate is one major reason.A well designed arm should have anti-skate for stylus and LP wear protection as well as sound.One that is an add on just can't be as good as one that is integral.Walltractor also makes one for the VPI tables that may or may not be better but though VPI is a great table Harry's inclusion of the option was done grudingly so one has to wonder about it's execution.
Harry's original anti-skating scheme, via the twist in the output wires, works just fine on my JMW 10.5 arm. He knows there is no need for the add-on, and I have to believe his knowledge of the subject is superior to that of almost all of us.