VPI connections.

Has anyone hooked up the 10.5 arm with xlr connectors using anything other than the VPI connections?
I am talking about the connector block on the tonearm. I guess I am asking if anyone knows of another tonearm manufacturer that uses the lemo connector.
Thank you
I have a 10.5 with XLR connections...absolutely DEAD silent except of course for the cartridge signal.
I imagine it is silent. That is why I want the XLR junction box. I can't get VPI to send me one so I thought I would see if anyone has used another lemo type junction box from another manufacturer.
I can understand why VPI won't "send" you one but I bet they will "sell" you one.
I don't understand what you want. Do you want to connect the turntable to the preamp, but don't have XLR on the preamp? Why would you want a Lemo connector...they are all the same. Whether the output of the junction box is RCA or XLR is the only difference.
I have been waiting since august for a junction box. I've called and e-mailed. I would like to use my turntable before christmas, so I thought I would ask if anyone knew of a company that used the lemo connector besides VPI. Or, if I could get a lemo connector, i would solder one myself.
thanks for the responses.
I want to say that VPI has been very helpful on other occasions. Everyone has hiccups in their business...god knows I do with mine. I just want to get going on these connections. I've sold my RCA cables and need to break in new XLR cables and all this is taking a lot out of my listening time. That is why I made the inquiry about the lemo.
I would like to end this thread and retract it. I was looking for a connector to solve a problem and ended up being unfair to the company unvolved. Thanks

The item you are looking for is sold by www.elusivedisc.com and is here http://www.elusivedisc.com/prodinfo.asp?number=HW-JMWJBXV

You simply have to order it. I was thinking on doing the same thing to my Superscoutmaster.

Thanks moonguy

VPI doesn't have any in stock and neither does Elusive Disc.

VPI is a small company and with a lot of their accessories, when they run out, they need to wait for sufficient orders to accumulate before they can justify the manufacturing/ordering replacement stock.

The nice thing about ordering from Elusive Disc is that they will not charge your credit card until the item is in stock. Once the item is in stock, they will contact you do confirm that you want tom proceed.
I just got it last night via UPS. Maybe they heard us. Again, I regret making VPI look negligent. The guys there have been patient with me on issues they made no money on. I guess when you have a 10K turntable you feel like you have a right to act like a neglected child.
Thanks guys
and you have it for sure