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Distortion on the Power Line
I had the power company come out.  They found nothing unusual.  I have tried listening to my set up and can hear no hum etc.  Frequency is determined by the grid operators counties away..  He said power use is way up because everyone is home clack... 
Distortion on the Power Line
Ok.... so i tried going through the whole house....turned all the breakers off and turned them on one at a time and watched the meter.  No change. I also changed the power source for the power plant to several locations.  It does dip below 6% now ... 
Distortion on the Power Line
tThank you people.  I will chase it down inside the house.  I looked at the box and nothing looks amiss. I did get a wireless meter but the timing is wrong.... My area has power underground so I don't think it could be storm least ... 
dust accumulation on scanspeak revelator tweeters
thanks guys.  I'll have at it..... 
I am a Pass Labs lifetime customer, but I too was enticed by the active atc story.  the amps are a-b not class a like pass so not as liquid sounding.I had the 15" actiive three ways (5 years ago or so).  it was impressive in many ways but the inte... 
balanced audio vk P12 phono
sorry my question was so polarizing............I wasn't thinking price. I always buy used.... I am very happy with what I have.....running a clearaudio balanced reference direct to my amps. (solid state) But I always had a yen to try a bat phono (... 
Anyone else own EPI/Epicure "back in the day?"
I had Epicure 20's and loved them.  I think they would do very well today.I saw a website a few years ago with someone restoring them.  I remember a wonderful balance.   I had  friend with Dahlquist floorstanders that envied my sound.  That was 19... 
Bryston BP26 with Pass Labs
I know I am late here, but if you are still thinking about it.  the Pass pre-amps are mosfets and the bryston uses bipolar transistors.    
Short speaker cable recommendation
Cardas makes junpers to any length.  standard is 6" I think.  I use doiuble runs of 10" to my coicident speakers.  two sets of terminals on the back of my pass amps and two sets on the speakers. 
cartridge cleaning? Not the stylus........
thank-you everyone 
What settings do people use with Lyra cartridges?
thank-you everyone.  this is great.Sean 
solid state gear- leave on?
I go with builders like Ralph Karsten.  Electrical current going through capacitors, semiconductors etc. wears them out.  I heard Nelson Pass and Jeff Roland say the same.  They are only good for so much time. There are sonic advantages to leaving... 
effectiveness of power filters.
bombaywalla...thank-you for the information.  i get it now.Thankssean 
solid state gear- leave on?
zaiksman, you've never made much sense.  Wear is wear.   
Why so few balanced phono inputs?
thank-you all for the great response.Sean